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Corona update:  At the moment I am offering a wider range of online Tantra and Sexological Bodywork sessions. They range from sensual and erotic to educational and therapeutic.  Please see my website for more details.

Hello, I’m Vicky. I offer Authentic Tantric Massage, Sensual Tie and Tease, Sexual Healing and Coaching Sessions for women, couples and men in London and Salisbury.


I’m a certified Sexologist and Somatic Sexual Educator, Holistic Masseuse, Reiki Master and Certified Spiritual Healer with eight years of experience of working as a Tantra Practitioner. I’ve been a masseuse and passionate about spirituality for nearly twenty years. I love my work.  I just love the sensual aspects of Tantra and I love the depth of heartfelt connection that can felt experienced through touch. Tenderness, playfulness and authenticity are always present in my sessions. They can be a combination of bodywork, breathwork, movement and visualization. We will tailor the session to suit your individual needs and desires.  Whether you require healing and nourishment, erotic sensuality and playfulness, or educational and informative.  I have a huge repertoire of delights we can use within our time together.  Please see my website www.healyoursexlife.com for full details. A little taster of just some of my offerings include:


  • Authentic Tantric Massage: Here we honour your whole body with a conscious loving touch, soft caresses, tender textures and hot oil massage.  All this combined with ancient energy circulating techniques that will nourish your entire being.  You’ll be floating for days.


  • Sexual Healing and Pleasure Coaching: Issues with body confidence? Are you experiencing numbness in your genitals?  Premature ejaculation?  Past emotional or physical trauma affecting your love life? Authentic Tantra Healing sessions may be the perfect solution.  Sacred Yoni Healing Sessions and Genital Mapping Sessions are available.


  • Tie and Tease Massage:  If you’ve ever been curious about the sensual aspects of BDSM, this massage may be perfect for you!  We can mix a little pleasure with pain. Or keep things tender and teasing.  Probably the most sensuous of all the massage sessions I offer.


  • Online Sessions:  Learn about sacred sexuality, orgasmic Yoga, receive pleasure coaching in an online session via Skype or Zoom.


Tantric massage London

“You absolutely radiate kindness and compassion, and I am truly thankful you’re in the world. I genuinely cannot put into words how much I appreciated your kindness today. It feels like I’ve taken the first step towards healing, and I’m so glad you helped me to do it.”

I do not offer mutual touch.  No same-day appointments.

Please email me at rhiannon@lovecat.com

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