Thea tantric massage therapist London

“I invite you on a sensual and explorative journey into the world of Tantra massage, a sensational and pleasurable Thea Tantric massage Londoninitiation into Tantra.

Would you like to open your mind and heart and experience a unification between them and your sex?  To discover deeper elements of yourself, feel present and embodied? Maybe you are longing to be touched in a conscious and loving way. Allow me to honour the divine in you and you, the goddess in me…

I offer a non- judgemental, shame-free space to allow you to surrender the mind, be fully in receiving mode, and to experience flow and expanded pleasure throughout your body.

I give in a way that my touch is sensitive, sensual, relaxing but playful and intuitive. I listen to your body and allow it to guide me. I have received professional training from John Hawken, who has worked with Tantra and energy work for 30 years.

I encourage receivers to use their breath, to make sound and pelvic movement to help you explore and express your erotic and energetic potential. This can help to identify and release energetic blocks which may be holding you back in your life in some way creating a greater flow of sexual (life force) energy.

Tantra accepts the body in its whole purist form, therefore the massage is full body, including intimate massage (if desired).  My Tantra sessions can help with many things including premature ejaculation, fear of intimacy, need for touch, to build body or sexual confidence and more.

Tantric massage LondonSessions last from 1.5- 3 hours. This includes unveiling rituals, bodywork/ massage, integration and shower. A 2 or 2.5 hour session is recommended for the first time.

The massage is always one-way touch only and no sexual services offered.

Please enquire for prices and availability. I am usually based in North London, but other areas of London may be possible too.

“Please email me at with your mobile number and a good time to talk and I will ring you so you have the chance to ask questions and see if what I offer, is what you are looking for”.

“Currently taking bookings for North London and South West London,

Available October 15th – 21st 

Other dates also available in South West London. Please enquire.