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Tantric Shamanic Healing

I teach the art of discovering and surrendering to the body’s innate erotic wisdom and awakening to our inner divinity. I serve as a Priestess and Initiator on the Tantric path, guiding men, women & couples to back home to the wild innocence of their bodies, back to their true selves.


I work with the healing energy of pleasure which is our birthright and heals us on a multidimensional level.  Simply put, our sexual energy is our life force energy, and when we learn how to harness & move it in new ways, we undergo a profound transformation, within & without. Most of us have sadly been cut off from this medicine and with it our innate power and ability to be our fullest, most vibrant, ecstatic selves.


I support my clients to release energetic blocks from their system that are holding them back from accessing the medicine of pleasure for increased joy, energy & vitality. I guide my clients to reconnect with their bodies and develop a deeply sacred and fulfilling relationship with their sexuality so that they can fully taste the beauty of life.


This journey is an odyssey, an epic through not just our own lives but down our ancestral lines to recover lost pieces of our souls, essential parts of our true nature. It is a journey of profound transformation, within and without. It is a divine pilgrimage, one of reuniting spirituality & sexuality and returning to bliss that we always have known is possible.


You are invited for a delicious & potent tantric journey into your sensual self as we dive into the mysteries that lie within.




  • Conscious touch
  • Tantric massage
  • Intuitive Energy work
  • Rebirthing breathwork
  • Tantric body de-armouring
  • Emotional release tools
  • Meditation
  • Embodiment & spiritual life coaching
  • Holding loving presence


  • Tantric Initiation Session (2hrs / 3hrs)
  • Sacred Spot Prostate Massage (3hrs)
  • Rebirthing Breathwork Journey (3hrs)
  • Tantric Embodiment coaching (1hr / 2hrs) – can be done virtually.


Sessions including bodywork start from 2hrs. This typically includes a guided meditation, breathwork, embodiment coaching, Tantric rituals & education, bodywork/ massage, integration/ grounding and shower. Every session is tailored to the individual to ensure maximum benefit for you. I will always start the session by talking with you and this usually takes longer the first time we meet.


The services listed are the only ones offered.




“My body felt as if it was made of stars. Tamar’s touch feels so mindful and sacred, it’s clear doing this work is her deep calling. I can’t wait to see in future sessions what my body is capable of!” – Paulina


“Tamar holds a sacred space for you in a loving embrace of heart, spirit, mind and soul. Every spot is tantalized in a flow of radiant energy. The effects lingered throughout the day and night. It lingers still when, as I close my eyes. I am so grateful for our time together.” – Frank


“Tamar’s guidance and presence during the session allowed me to enter into the depths of my soul and my mind, and to feel loved and protected the whole time. I’ve done many Rebirthing sessions in my life, and without a doubt, the session with Tamar was one of the most meaningful & powerful ones I’ve ever had.”  – Amir


“The Tantric massage with Tamar was extremely profound. From the moment I arrived, I felt held. She has a gentleness that is nurturing and healing and the massage was unlike any I have had before. By the end, I was in a trancelike state and had breakthroughs around my issues with receiving. I experienced my heart open and felt love in a new way.” – Justin


“My Taoist Tantric massage was really amazing. From start to finish, I felt as if I am in a parallel worry-free dimension. My body and mind felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated. I loved the session so much, that I decided to book one for my 63 y.o. mother – she loved it as well!” – Valentina



“Tamar has mastered the art of holding space” – Olga

tantric massage London



  • Rebirthing breathwork International Practitioner Training
  • Meditation facilitator – Desert Ashram Bamidbar
  • Tantric Mystic Massage – 1 month training with Ma Ananda Sarita (direct student of Osho)
  • Advanced Sexuality training w/ Andrew Barnes
  • International School of Temple Arts (Sexual Shamanism) : L1, L2 graduate. Assisted L1 twice and L2.



Please send an email with some information about yourself (name, age, relationship status), describe your intention in working together, which session you are seeking, if you have any previous experience with Tantra and any issues or desires you wish to work on. If there is a preferred time & date for a session, please include this information too. If working together feels aligned, I will schedule a brief (10-15 minute) phone call consultation with further information.


I require a non-refundable 25% deposit via bank transfer or PayPal to confirm the session.


Please note, I do not take same-day bookings and don’t do tantric bodywork sessions under 2 hours long. 


I look forward to hearing from you by email at sensualmysteries@gmail.com