Tantric Massage sessions with Sy Balderson


I hold a safe and nurturing space in which you, as a woman, are invited to fully embrace the goddess within. Drawing on numerous techniques and over 20 years of experience I will guide you on a journey into your most delicious and divine self.

You can experience how to:

Feel powerful, sexy, beautiful and wild – ALL the time!

Be SEEN as the Goddess you know you are.

Connect to your true delicious Sexual nature.

Ride the delicious wave of full body orgasms.

Release your self-judgement, social conditioning, fears and shame and CELEBRATE yourself.

Be witnessed in your true divine self by a tender, loving, present man – with NO NEEDS or EXPECTATIONS.

Explore and integrate your sexuality and spirituality.

Express your desires, wishes, and needs happily and confidently.

Feel empowered to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ whenever you choose.

Expand into your most passionate self!


A session with me is an intimate exploration of yourself which will help you to deepen your connection to YOU.tantric massage for women

Using a combination of Tantra, Shamanic, Intuitive & Sacred Sexual Healing techniques, I will guide you to gain access to the Loving & Sexual You that is deep inside. By unleashing your potential you can become more positive and expansive in your everyday life and bring more presence, awareness and yumminess to yourself.

Throughout your session I will guide you in a safe, yet expansive way, to explore and heal your sexual nature on many levels, opening you to many new possibilities in your life.

These sessions can take a number of different forms, depending on what aspects of yourself you choose to work with. Generally, they will include an element of intimate bodywork at some point. Clear boundaries are discussed and agreed on at the start of the session in order to create trust and safety for you to explore yourself.


I am married to Ash, who is also a Tantra Practitioner, and together we teach Playshops in various locations around the UK.

Check out http://www.syandash.co.uk/ if you are interested in exploring tantra and conscious sexuality as part of a weekend workshop.

Generally, all one to one sessions are held in our own private healing room in Brighton, just 5 minutes by taxi from the main train station. I also regularly offers sessions at a number of festivals around the UK.


Call: 07732 142 682

Email: sy@syandash.co.uk

Visit website: http://www.syandash.co.uk/for-women.html




My session with Sy was the best thing that I did for myself in the entire year! The session really turned my year around and opened me up to a whole new set of possibilities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

N – London


I felt comfortable and safe with Sy, he was professional and reassuring and my doubts and fears about receiving a sexual, sensual massage from a man, who was not my partner, began to lessen as he guided me to respond by moving and breathing.

These truly are the keys to unlocking the doors to Shakti, the goddess within. And although I knew deep down that Shakti was available to me, I didn’t trust, or have the confidence that I could access her. By providing the male energy of Shiva, being still and being present, and gently encouraging me, Sy facilitated the female energy of Shakti to reveal herself to me. The passion lies in the breath and the movement, in the dance.

There are very few men that I could trust to take that step of vulnerability. It was because Sy and Ash present to me how amazingly strong and committed they are to each other and to those they share their love, wisdom and knowledge with that I was able to find the courage to reach out for empowerment; for myself and for the man I love.

Pat – South East England


The space that Sy holds is just beautifully incredible and intense. From the moment we began the session I could feel myself opening and expanding into a new version of me. Sy was very present in his guiding of my journey and encouraging me to take responsibility for my own experience in a way that heightened the depths to which I was able to explore and feel myself. Just thinking about this session is taking me back to the amazing sensations that I was able to experience during my session with Sy.

Sophia – USA