Tantric massage Manchester


Sensual Healing Touch with Steph Magenta



  • Have you ever longed to know more about tantric touch and how you can use your sexual energy for health and well-being?
  • Do you yearn for more intimacy, pleasure and fun in your life?
  • Are you longing for deeper connections in your relationships and your sex life, but unsure how to get there?
  • Are you desiring of developing a more joyful relationship with your body and your self-esteem, both in and out of the bedroom?


If so, then please read on…


I’m Steph, an experienced workshop and retreat leader currently offering one-to-one sessions, group work and international events focussing on conscious sexuality and other practices for living well and thriving. My tantra sessions are designed to allow you to immerse yourself in your full potential for pleasure and sensuality, to discover new ways of being with your sexuality, to explore unknown territories, and to really give yourself the time to be nurtured and listened to for as long as you are in my healing space.


My work blends massage and bodywork, conscious healing breath work, red & white tantra (the blending of the spiritual and the sexual aspects of tantra), and playful therapeutic conscious kink. I love to relax into playful and connected sexual expression, to explore, and to find the fun in everything…life should be about enjoyment and pleasure!


I create a space in which you can truly return to your sensual essence and expression, explore things you may never have known you love, and create a sense of deep inner stillness, peace and relaxation through the release of tension and stress which is so often held in the body.


Through my work, you will learn to really identify and communicate your needs, moving consciously from co-dependency to co-creation.


I hold a strong, clear and grounded space, working with healthy boundaries, informed consent and loving support. This will allow you to let go and surrender yourself into openness, moving away from guilt, shame and fear, and choosing instead to step into authenticity, pleasure and freedom.



Please visit my website at www.stephmagenta.com or email lifealchemytherapies@gmail.com for more information or to book a session.


You are welcome to call on 07854 450482.


Blocked numbers will not be answered. Impolite or inappropriate inquiries will be rejected fast!


I am fully trained in Swedish & Thai Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Auricular acupuncture, Shamanism, and more. I have invested over 20 years in sexual freedom activism, the exploration of BDSM & kink, tantra and the many different aspects of human sexuality. I am currently training as a biodynamic breath work facilitator with the Alchemy of Breath, Bali.


I really look forward to hearing from you xox