Tantric massage London

Are you seeking spiritual healing by means of sensual discovery?

I’ve been studying and exploring sexual energy cultivation and sexual alchemy for 20 years which included several years living in China. As a Sinologist I used my extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and language to gain expertise in the area of Sexuality relating to Chinese Medicine and health cultivation.

I am a tantric therapist as well as your trusted friend and confidant. I will guide and support you in feeling your own natural sexual energy and connecting it to a higher intelligence which will support your life purpose.

My sessions are suited to your needs. They last at least 3 hours and are an exquisite blend of honest relating, tantric rituals, tantric and dao body-work as well as deep shamanic and energy healing.

Let me take you on a shamanic tantric journey.
Email: espelia.santos@gmail.com
Mobile: 07783113436