tantric massage therapist London


My path of studying and exploring Sexual Energy Cultivation and Sexual Alchemy began 22 years ago. It led me to China where I immersed myself deeper into studying from authentic sources. I hold a University Degree in Sexuality in connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As a Tantric Therapist and Relationship Therapist, I am coaching my clients how The Art of Intimacy and honest relating contributes the most to nourishing health and longevity of both partners as well as their relationship.

​Sessions are suited to your needs. They last at least 3 hours and are an exquisite blend of talk therapy, honest relating, tantric rituals, tantric and dao-bodywork, emotional detox techniques as well as deep shamanic and energy healing.
I’m looking forward to guiding and supporting you in feeling your own natural sexual energy and connecting it to a higher intelligence which will support your life purpose.

Mobile: +447783113436
Website: www.daohealingsexuality.com
Email: espelia.santos@gmail.com