Tantric Masseuse

Sacred Soul Therapy

*Experience the Fire in your Soul through The Shining Of Your Eyes*
If you have Fire of Soul then Vedic Sages say it is reflected spontaneously in your body language and your body movement. It is reflected in the shining of your eyes.

Sophia invites you to step into integrity.

1. the value we place on ourselves. Our ability to make and keep commitments. To ’walk our talk.’ Honour with the self.
2. the state of being whole, entire or undiminished

When we learn to Love the unlovable parts of ourselves, we begin to gain momentum towards complete integrity. When we merge the feminine & masculine natures, dark & light dimensions, spirit & soul, all the aspects of ourselves can be brought to consciousness to begin to Heal & become Whole; Our true, natural spontaneous essence.

With Sophia, you may begin to step into a process of decisive transformation. To Love & Accept yourself. To gain Self-Respect & Self Confidence.
Through Focussed Appreciation, Listening & Holding – you will:
1. Enjoy your body & really allow yourself more pleasure.
2. Enhance pleasure in your relationships.
3. Awaken your sensuality & feel radically alive.
4. Allow your Creative Self to Flow.
5. Allow Spontaneity – Let what you do flow from you like a river, no forcing and no holding back the way it is with children.

Biography: Sophia’s training is in
* Psychology (Bachelor of Science)
* Tantra (Shaktitantra.co.uk – Women’s Programme & Mixed)
* Thai Massage (Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand)
* Taoist Sexual Health
* Breath Work
* Shamanism (De-armoring Training www.shamanicdearmoring.com)
* AquaYoga (Diploma www.birthlight.co.uk)
* Founder & Director of www.enjoyswimming.org

Sophia works with individuals and couples. Sessions begin with an initial consultation and typically last 1-3Hrs. Please feel free to email Sophia at sacredsoul@icloud.com for a preliminary chat.
Sensual Art – Sophia also paints individuals and couples. Ask for details.
Living with integrity means having a vital inner dialogue, that reflects the fire in your soul. Being independent of the good or bad opinion of others, of flattery or criticism. Our Soul is that place which is spontaneously Love, Knowingness & Bliss. Our spirit is reflected in Confidence, Happiness, Good Humour, Fearlessness, Kindness & Thoughtfulness.

Our level of Self Acceptance is our Rate of Evolution.
A Fully Balanced Human Being who has resolved their unresolved conflicts is a massive healing force. When you have made peace with yourself you can walk in full neutrality and full benevolence; as a Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Human Being.

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