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Tantric Healing Bodyworker




Heal, Awaken and Expand into the full, unlimited potential of who you really are by unlocking your connection to your source energy and allowing it to flow.



Do you feel deeply disconnected and unable to fully embody your authentic self but don’t know why?


Many of us are unable to slow down, become present and feel our joy in the moment. Our energy becomes blocked and stagnant and we struggle to move forward in all areas of our life.


We carry our emotional imprint in our body at cellular level. Negative energy can accumulate over a lifetime and remain trapped. We don’t even know that it’s there never mind how to go about releasing it. But we feel it’s effects as a loss of power, choice and freedom of expression.


Our energetic armour builds layer upon layer over time to protect ourselves from our emotional pain. This can cause us to unconsciously hold tension and physical pain in our body, manifest conflict in relationships and consistently sabotage our greatest needs. We lose our capacity for intimacy, arousal and pleasure.


Tantric massage Newcastle


The tantric healing therapy that I offer initiates clients in how to use their own life force/sexual energy to heal themselves.


I use an intuitive blend of ancient Tantric and Tao meditation and bodywork practices to reach deep into the body, allowing it to become vulnerable, surrender and release.

When the orgasmic state comes in the energy can finally flow unhindered throughout the body, healing, awakening and expanding into pleasure.


For men

– an erection is not important to call forth this energy and male clients are taught how to separate this orgasmic state from ejaculation so that its benefits are sublimated within – to revitalise, empower and spiritually awaken the divine.


For women

– you may have difficulty connecting to your sensual sexual self because first you may encounter sadness, unworthiness, anger or rage buried deep in the unconscious. These emotions have to be felt, honoured and processed on the way to being released from the body to clear the path for the orgasmic state. From here you are able to connect to your divine goddess and fully embody your sexuality.


During a session I hold a safe, loving space where you can feel free to show and allow all of who you are without fear or judgement.

No two sessions are the same as our energies combine and open into love and oneness through connection, intimacy and slow, conscious touch. You are invited to receive unconditionally and find your voice to ask for what you want or don’t want within the safe boundaries of the session.


Your journey into Tantra is self led. The sessions respect where you are now and help you to move forward to where you are able to go. This is extremely important in managing your expectations. We move at your pace to unblock what you are ready to let go of in that moment in time.


The practice of Tantra is a movement away from acting out unconscious emotional states towards coming to rest in present moment awareness.


From here all life flows…



If you are interested in exploring Tantra with me please message me by

WhatsApp or text on +44 7967495430

email – solasobo@yahoo.co.uk

I prefer to work during the day and a 50% deposit is required to secure an appointment.


A first session is always 4-6 hours long as we begin with talking, breathwork, meditations and rituals to build a foundation of trust and connection.

A phone consultation is offered pre-treatment.





Full Tantric Healing Bodywork session – naked with the option of Yoni massage (women) and

Lingam and Prostate massage (men)

£300 – 4-6 hrs



Tantric Healing Bodywork session – naked with the option of Lingam and Prostate massage

£200- 2 hrs



Tantric Healing Bodywork session – naked without Yoni massage

£200 – 2. hrs



£100 – 2 hrs

Tantric Healing Bodywork session – fully clothed for relaxation and trauma release



£100 – 2 hrs

Therapeutic massage using energy work – semi clothed for relaxation and muscle release



Please be reminded that the process of healing involves releasing stored emotional memory and this can be profound. We can let go of the past and are able to move forward with renewed power.

It can occasionally be hard to process experiences that are outside of our previous knowledge. Please look after yourself by eating healthily, drink lots of water and try to spend time in nature for grounding.