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I’m Simon.  Tantric sex coach, bodywork specialist and practitioner of sex magic at your service.  I specialise in working with men who seek self-empowerment through tantra.  You don’t have to be gay to work with me, just open.


If you come to visit me, my job is to connect you more fully with the creative power that sits like a treasure chest inside your sexual energy; the most potent energy you possess.  When we use it to tap into the quantum field with specific requests with regard to your life goals, clarity, focus, self-discipline, or your relationship to vulnerability or self-worth, you will become a magnet for the type of lessons that will catalyse your spiritual growth in that particular area.


As I use my whole body to massage you from ankle to neck, it often feels more intimate than lovemaking because my job is to treasure you, nurture you, push you down and exult you by turns.  Long lost brother; father; son; warrior; lover; servant; king; we move energetically through the archetypal spectrum, dwelling only in the frequencies that make the connection stronger.  As the power and connection grows, the chi in your base (cock and balls) will get more and more intense.  It comes in waves.  But it’s connected to the Unified (or Zero Point) Field.  So although the experience may give you an erection, it has nothing to do with sexuality or lust.  Essentially we are both being plugged into the power of the session.  This is why your sexuality is not so important when you work with me.


 Although I am the practitioner and you are the client, we are building something TOGETHER, co-creatively, which you get to take away with you at the end of the session to nurture, to grow and to treasure.


This isn’t just massage.  This is T.R.O.J.A.N Horse Massage


If you would like to continue this conversation on my website, I have designed a process that will guide you through some of your questions, before connecting us in a live conversation over the phone.

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