Tantric massage Leeds

Hello and welcome. I offer a meaningful and connected level of relaxation, sensuality and pleasure through Tantric Massage in the Leeds Area.

Using breath work and sacred touch, I can help you explore techniques that release tension from your body, allow you to experience a deeper level of intimacy as well as connect your sexual energy with your spiritual energy. Experience a deeper relaxation hand in hand with an energy that is more connected and alive.


Tantric Awakening Massage:
Using breath, touch, and consciousness, this oil-free massage will open up and engage energy circuits in your body. A range of sensual touches allows a new experiential awareness of your body, your sensations and your desires.


Kashmiri Massage:
Tactile and intimate and with hot oils, this massage uses long strokes, paced from energising to soothing, to help you reach your internal calm. Close, intimate and sensual, this massage can help you to experience a deep sense of connection and relaxation.


Taoist Erotic Massage:
Therapeutic and erotic, this massage uses breath work and erotic touch to build up your sexual energy. This is then circulated around your body, harnessing its power to re-energise you for strength and healthy living. This massage is all about relishing and enjoying your energy and your body.


Ethos and practice:

My values are non-judgement, compassion, integrity, honesty, professionalism, consent, respect, curiosity, openness, trust, fun, sensuality and pleasure.

I offer a “safe space”; a time where you can relax without expectation or the need to perform, a time where you can totally immerse yourself in the experience: moving out of your head and into your body. You are encouraged to experience whatever is going on in your body at any given time.

During massage, my focus and presence is entirely on you throughout the time we have together; moment by moment. Touch is, therefore one way and you are encouraged to relax and allow yourself to entirely receive.

Tantric massage is a beautiful gift and I invite you to switch off your phone, leave the world at the door and make the most of this time for you.



Appointments are for two hours and cost £200



“I visited Sian for the first time and can only say what a wonderful memorizing experience it was. After a short chat I was put totally at ease. The overall experience was wonderful and once I let my inhibitions go, I felt totally at one with myself. The experience was exceptional.”

“Sian is a lovely lady who brings so much to her work, including sincerity and sensitivity. She has a special gift for helping people. She empathizes so well and puts you at complete ease. Her skills are second to none and she performs them with such sacred reverence. She is very serious and genuine about what she does.”


“I am 66yrs old never had any sort of massage so I admit a felt quite nervous but as soon as I met S. and spoke to her she instantly put me at ease, she totally understood how I felt. […]  the treatment was absolutely fabulous 2 hours of total bliss can’t wait until my next appointment I wish l had discovered this years ago.”




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