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Tantric massage has the power to help you experience new levels of relaxation, arousal, connection to yourself and an overall improved sense of well being.


I offer a meaningful and connected level of relaxation, sensuality and pleasure. Using breath work and conscious touch, I can help you explore techniques that release tension from your body, allow you to experience an improved connection between your sexual and higher energies and gain greater awareness of and control over your arousal. Experience a deep and beautiful balance of relaxation and arousal.


“Sian is a lovely lady who brings so much to her work, including sincerity and sensitivity. She has a special gift […]her skills are second to none”


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Sex Coaching and Sexology

For anyone facing sexual challenges please see my other listing here


“I visited Sian for the first time and can only say what a wonderful memorizing experience it was. After a short chat I was put totally at ease. […] The experience was exceptional.” 



My ethos and practice:

My values are non-judgement, compassion, integrity, honesty, professionalism, consent, respect, curiosity, generosity, openness, trust, boundaries, fun, sensuality and pleasure.


I offer a warm and safe space where you can relax without expectation or any need to perform, a time where you can totally immerse yourself in your experience. This is an invitation to leave the chattering mind and begin to really explore joy and pleasure in your body.


During every session, my focus and presence are entirely on you; moment by moment. Touch is, therefore one way only and you are encouraged to relax and allow yourself to entirely receive. Choosing to invest this time in yourself is a beautiful gift and I invite you to switch off your phone, leave the world at the door and make the most of this time for you.




Genuine enquiries only please

I an unable to negotiate prices or offer shorter sessions

Booking an appointment requires an upfront deposit

All services are focussed entirely on you and so are offered as one-way touch only



Sessions are for a minimum of two hours at £200





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