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Shekina Ray is a Certified Tantric Massage Practitioner and Tantric Educator offering Tantric massage in Central London and also occasionally in Belgium and now Holland. She completed her Tantric Teachers Training course at Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening.

She is a qualified registered nurse but over time she became frustrated with the approach of Western medicine. In her search for alternatives, she studied many energy healing modalities such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Reiki, Reflexology and more. She is a Reiki Master and taught Reiki for over a decade. She is a Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing practitioner, and Access Consciousness Facilitator.

In her Tantric practice, she welcomes men, women and couples for Tantric Massage sessions and private classes.

With her extensive background in energy healing and bodywork, she can assist clients not only with stress relief and relaxation but also with a variety of other issues.


For men : she offers sessions and private classes to help with:

• Erectile dysfunction
• Premature ejaculation
• Prostate health
• Recovering from trauma and sexual abuse
• Body image and self-confidence
• Sexual inexperience
• Fear of intimacy
• Releasing guilt and shame around sexuality
• Learning self-pleasure and pleasuring others
• Learning to have multiple full body orgasms
For women:

• Sexual inhibition
• Decreased libido, menopause
• Releasing guilt and shame about pleasure
• Recovering from trauma and sexual abuse
• Recovering from trauma of childbirth or surgery
• Body image and self-confidence
• Self-pleasuring techniques
• Multiple full body orgasm and ejaculation
• Tantric face massage and energetic facelift
• Learning to pleasure their partner
For couples:

• Connecting with each other with all five senses
• Using breath, sound and movement to increase pleasure
• Making each other feel safe and secure
• Helping each other with emotional needs
• Learning to sexually satisfy each other
• Meeting each other on the spiritual level
• Learning to communicate your desires and create your dreams as you transform together
• Learn how to give each other feedback without being critical

Contact me here : –


Email: shekinaray11@gmail.com

Phone: +447983708676

before calling please note sexual services are not available so please don’t ask. withheld numbers will also not be answered.

Location: 7 Harley Street, London, UK, W1G 9QD


Shekina was amazing. I didn’t like to be touched and felt I lost my body. After a few sessions, I felt at home in myself and my relationships improved.


-John, London




Shekina takes intuitive bodywork to another level. Her ability to free up my natural energy flow is extremely impressive. I highly recommend you experience her for yourself.

I still can’t get over what happened yesterday, particularly during the last hour or so. I felt so sexually aroused but instead of the usual part of my body I am used to, it was all over my body and when I glanced down my penis wasn’t even erect yet I felt so aroused. I was convinced before coming to see you that I would embarrass myself in front of you and ejaculate at the wrong time. Yet this didn’t happen at any stage even though the feelings I felt were just like an orgasm.

I can’t thank you enough, not only for what to did yesterday but also for taking time to talk at the end. My sexual performance (or lack of it) is not a subject I find it easy to confide in.

On the way home I bought some oil and spent quite a while pleasuring myself last night. I concentrated really hard on the breathing, particularly when I felt I was getting to the point of nearly ejaculating and then also used my free hand to move up by body from my penis to the chest area as you showed me, and I am happy to report that I did not ejaculate at all.

I would definitely like to see you again to build on what I have achieved already.


Regards, Ian

Ps: the tickle part of the massage was out of this world.!!!




I can’t begin to explain how you boost my confidence with regard to my sexual performance. I found the experience of the mutual touching we did very beneficial and is something I would like to build on during future sessions. As I said to you on Friday I have always been shy when it comes to my interaction with ladies and was probably one of the reasons why my wife and I separated. However as I explained on Friday we plan to get back together soon and would be grateful, as well as my premature ejaculation issues, we could also explore techniques for me to help me with regard to better satisfy my wife (massage and more of the mutual touching).

I was amazed on Friday how long I managed to last, without having to ejaculate. Previously the sensations would have been so great I could not have lasted. The area around my frenulum around where I was circumcised is generally so sensitive I can’t resist the urge to cum. However, I have managed to spread the sensation over my whole body and this is all down to you!


–       George S.




I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience yesterday. It is unbelievable that even at my age you can discover areas of my body that are so sensual and exciting to be touched. The pressure you used just behind my testicles was amazing and I couldn’t resist asking you to linger there. What really makes it for me is that you seem to be having as much enjoyment as myself. Having the opportunity to try the massage techniques on you was fantastic. It’s fun for the giver to discover what parts of the body your partner is aroused by.


–       Edward H.



– Joe Allen, bodyworker

I didn’t really know what am I going to experience during the session.  I was laughing, crying, relaxing, screaming, crying out of happiness during the treatment. It was absolutely amazing. I was full of energy, happiness after. Releasing many blockages already has a positive effect on my everyday life.

Many things started to change and I simply feel more alive and aware. I also had many positive comments from people who didn’t know anything about the sessions. They noticed that my energy has changed and I am more feminine. My sexual energy started to flow and I am glowing.


So I highly can recommend her sessions and courses to everyone.

If you want positive changes in your life, don’t hesitate to contact her. Shekina”s open heart, positive personality and her beautiful energy can lead you through everything.


– Lisa

Shekina is natural healer. She could read the energy going through the body very well.

She was able to tune into my body and knew exactly what i needed to do to clear my energy blocks.

Carrying and loving, highly recommended :)


– Andy

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