Tantric massage London

Shekina Ray is an international energy healer and Tantra teacher working in London, Belgium, and Holland. For the previous 19 years, she has taught multiple modalities of energy healing such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, and Tantra worldwide.

She is a licensed nurse by profession, but over time she has become disillusioned with Western medicine’s impersonal approach and how individuals are often treated in an impersonal and uncaring way. She researched many alternative healing methods including nutrition, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi and Reiki in her search for a better way of treating individuals. During the decades of her research, she became a Reiki Master, a Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing practitioner, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, and a Certified Tantra Educator.

She loves encouraging individuals to discover ways to express themselves and teaches a range of courses to help individuals discover their passions, to love and accept themselves, build their self-esteem and help them to be comfortable and confident about their body and sexuality.


In her Tantric practice she welcomes men, women and couples for Tantric Massage sessions and private classes.


With her extensive background in energy healing and bodywork, she can assist clients not only with stress relief and relaxation but also with a variety of other issues.


For men she offers sessions and private classes to help with:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Prostate health
  • Recovering from trauma and sexual abuse
  • Body image and self-confidence
  • Sexual inexperience
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Releasing guilt and same around sexuality
  • Learning self-pleasure and pleasuring others
  • Learning to have multiple full body orgasms


For women:


  • Sexual inhibition
  • Decreased libido, menopause
  • Releasing guilt and shame about pleasure
  • Recovering from trauma and sexual abuse
  • Recovering from the trauma of childbirth or surgery
  • Body image and self-confidence
  • Self-pleasuring techniques
  • Multiple full body orgasm and ejaculation
  • Tantric face massage and energetic facelift
  • Learning to pleasure their partner


For couples:

  • Connecting with each other with all five senses
  • Using breath, sound and movement to increase pleasure
  • Making each other feel safe and secure
  • Helping each other with emotional needs
  • Learning to sexually satisfy each other
  • Meeting each other on the spiritual level
  • Learning to communicate your desires and create your dreams as you transform together
  • Learn how to give each other feedback without being critical



For more info visit: https://shekinaray.com

To book a session you can email Shekina at: shekinaray11@gmail.com

or call her:

in London, UK +447983708676

in Belgium or Holland: +32487426981


No sexual services will be provided, don’t even ask.

Calls from blocked numbers will not be answered.





I can’t begin to explain how you boost my confidence with regard to my sexual performance. As I said to you, I have always been shy when it comes to my interaction with ladies and was probably one of the reasons why my wife and I separated. However, we plan to get back together soon and would be grateful, as well as my premature ejaculation issues, we could also explore techniques for me to help me with regard to better satisfy my wife (massage and more of the mutual touching).

I was amazed by how long I managed to last during the session, without having to ejaculate. Previously the sensations would have been so great I could not have lasted. However, during the session I have managed to spread the sensation over my whole body and this is all down to you!

  • George S.


“You are just amazing & you helped me to clear and release so much! The transformation was amazing. I am continuing to feel great and so much lighter. Thank you so much, Shekina. What a gift.”

  • Andy



You have a wonderful energy about you that allows people to be themselves. People feel liberated in your presence to be themselves.”

  • Peter


“Hi Shekina, It was an amazing experience. I was very tearful and emotional for an hour or so after leaving you. I also had very wobbly legs, and was spaced out for even longer. Today though I feel fine. On getting home I gave John a full massage, including prostate, which he seemed to enjoy and then he took me through 3 more orgasms so my legs wobbled even more.

I could do with days like yesterday more often. I actually felt like the ‘old me’ had come back to life.

I feel your skills have saved our relationship and for that, I will be forever grateful.
Thank you,

     •     Ellie



“Hi Shekina, I feel great, thank you. Didn’t feel any emotional explosions just very sexual yesterday which is good Thank you very much for the massage and my first full body orgasm.”

  • Richard


“After releasing all the negativity I felt rejuvenated, not a thought regarding my experiences/feelings. I just wanted to run and smile for all to see. I looked in the mirror and my image was glowing and I looked younger. My husband noticed the glow and the change in my attitude towards negative thoughts. Every day is now brighter and a joy to experience. Thank you, Shekina.”

– Amy



I became so aware last night, I keep clearing for three hours in the middle of the night. Breathing has become so much easier. I truly believe your work now.  :-) – Andrea



Hi Shekina, just wanted to give you a brief update. I’m still crying, daily. It feels like 40 years and 9 months of scars and wounds are finally properly healing….it feels like the work we did last time brought all the old wounds to the surface so that they can finally heal properly, and i can let go.

All I can say again about your gift is. WOW…

Thank-you so much.

I feel blessed to have found you.


– Tim


Hi Shekina,

Just wanted to thank you for the session on Wednesday.

I’m feeling grounded, clear and potent.

Life seems abundant, sweet and to be savored.

With deepest blessings,

  • Martin