tantra massage therapist


I have studied Tantra with two world-renowned teachers, Daniel Odier and Ma Ananda Sarita, who received a direct transmission to teach Tantra from Indian mystic and enlightened master Osho.  Having spent several years on the Sufi path, the merger with Tantra has enabled the seed of love within me to blossom which in turn has opened up a world of sensual and sensory delight, where I have found that it is possible to experience energetic touch without judgement or expectation and giving is a purely devotional and divine practice. Loving safe touch can heal the wounds deep within, that keep you in a place of longing and the inexplicable need for ‘more’. Compassionate Tantric connection creates a spiritual wholeness within you and a grounded body awareness.


Coming from a very religious and sexually repressive culture myself, I have been healed by my Tantric journey.   The Mystic Taoist massage and Kashmiri Tantra massage really tunes me into my body and when I offer any of these massages, I enter a deep meditative state where I no longer see myself and the client as two separate bodies, but one, dancing and moving in each other’s energy field.


I feel both elated and honoured that through these mystic massages not only am I healing old emotional traumas and sexual issues for women, but I am also giving an ancient transmission to the sacred feminine, honouring her as a goddess and divine shakti.



I mainly work in 2 ways: Massage and Co-created Surrogacy with Sexological Bodyworker Alison Pilling


  1. Massage


  • Mystical Taoist Massage – 1 h 40 min140 € / £ 140

· A massage that is over 3000 years old. This is an energy massage that revitalises the body and takes the person into an inner void or space that can be described as mystical.


  • Kashmiri Tantra Massage – 1h 40 min 140 € / £ 140

· An ancient massage technique from Kashmir, India which stabilises the flow of energy, induces a state of No Mind and brings about a deep relaxation with awareness.


  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage – 60 min / 90 ‘/ 120’ 50 € ( £ 50 ) / 70 € ( £ 70 ) / 90 € (£ 90 )

· Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, aromatherapy oils and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body.



  1. Co-created Surrogacy


For women who would like to have more practical experience of growing self confidence with men, I also offer a form of surrogacy service in tandem with Sexological Bodyworker Alison Pilling.


This consensual and safe service allows women to learn and understand more about connection in relationship and can support you in expanding your pleasure and relaxation in male company.  You may also wish to learn more about giving pleasure.


Guided by Alison, you can feel safely held to explore and be courageous to explore the experiences you need, want, desire and offer.


Please see her page in the Sexological Bodyworkers section.




For further information, or to make a booking with Saraha please contact Alison Pilling on 07984 443069


‘For women receiving beautiful sensual touch from a man without any need to respond or give back is an all too rare experience.  Working with Saraha is a privilege. With a respectful stillness and pure energy in giving, he’s a beautiful man both inside and out.  He creates a completely trusting environment enabling you to relax into a blissful space and allowing you to have a new, safe and healing experience. Working with Saraha is nurturing, sensual and wonderful; he meets the hopes you may have always had of experiencing something both spiritual and sensual. He helps you build freedom, confidence and trust in yourself and in your body, which frees you for more enjoyment in your life.’


Jane P