Tantric Massage therapy


Tantric Massage with Sacred Spot Activation & Conscious Relating Coaching

Locations: London & Brighton

Certified Tantric Educator and Orgasmic Meditation Trainer & Life Coach


Hi I am Sanjay, I have over 4 years experience in working with women, men and couples in conscious sexuality. I am a Certified Tantric Educator (a graduate of the Source School of Tantra), an Orgasmic Meditation Trainer and Life Coach. I’ve also trained in Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and NLP.


I offer two types of sessions, Tantra Massage with Sacred Spot activation (women only) and sex and intimacy coaching.


Tantra Massage with Sacred Spot activation is a pleasure-based full body massage that combines breath, tantric healing techniques. NLP and Coaching to facilitate deep healing, joy and exquisite pleasure. Over 10,000 nerve endings are stimulated and neural pathways are rebuilt and restored, enabling you to feel joy and pleasure in your life.


Every activation session increases your capacity to hold a bigger field, to have a deeper experience of pleasure, to move into exquisite pleasure and to open up to greater possibilities. After sessions, clients indicate that they are in flow and their emotions, thoughts, and feelings are aligned and you feel in your ‘true essence’.


Benefits include:


  • Being in awe of your body, loving all parts of yourself
  • Sharing the most sensitive parts of yourself with others
  • Being and feeling in your rightness, being your true self
  • Holding a bigger energy field and staying conscious in highly intense situations
  • Experiencing more pleasure than ever before, and experiencing more exquisite sensations in your current and future sexual relationships
  • Deep healing from difficult “traumatic” events
  • Feeling joyful and spreading joy to others


Sessions last between 90-120 minutes and are exquisitely pleasurable, profound, and emotional. The massage includes vaginal touch, and pressure point activation leading to deep healing. The massage does not involve mouth to mouth, genital to genital contact, nor reciprocation.


During coaching sessions, I support people in loving all parts of themselves and sharing their most intimate aspects with others. I coach people on how to get exactly what they want. My sessions are usually on how people can feel truly happy and aligned to their purpose. If you’re going through a difficult time then I can coach you be back onto your true mission in life.


Before entering the conscious relating field I worked in Humanitarian Response in leading emergency teams in war-torn countries. I can hold space enabling you to let go and am exceptional in working with people who have experienced trauma.


I assist people with the following:

  •       Learning to accept your sexuality and to utilise your sexual passion
  •       Create deep, healthy, loving intimate relationships
  •       Setting healthy boundaries
  •       Asking for what you need and desire, and getting exactly what you want
  •       Learning how to stop fear-based/core belief patterns from running your life
  •       Re-awakening your dormant passion and sexuality
  •       Adopting Tantric sexual practices for whole life transformation



Ranelle, 36, Jewellery Designer, Bali “Coaching with Sanjay is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I’ve gained so much insight about myself, and what I want.”


Naomi, 38, Entrepreneur and Coach, London

“I went to see Sanjay whilst I was having a very difficult and emotionally upsetting time with my partner. I was impressed by how present and attentive Sanjay is. His caring manner put me totally at ease.


I just wanted to heal my relationship with men and he listened and reflected back to me all the significant historical situations. I found the session incredibly pleasurable and beautiful. I released amrita (AKA I squirted!) which felt like a deep release inside me and I felt emotionally much lighter afterwards.


That evening my partner and I had sex and climaxed at the same time for the first time in 2 years. Afterwards, we both cried and he very rarely cries so it was a major breakthrough for him too. Another added and unexpected benefit was that I slept like a baby!”.

Soriya, 34, Certified Tantric Educator, Los Angeles 

“Sanjay has a calm presence that immediately put me at ease. He’s easy to talk to, a great listener and connects with you before your session. His empathetic nature and professionalism help create a container for healing and bliss.

My intention with him was to relax and feel pleasure and he did exactly that. Sanjay has a very warm and comforting touch, I enjoyed his angelic presence and feel very nurtured. I was very pleased as I enjoyed every minute of our time together.”

Irene, 30, Business Owner, New York,

“Sanjay is a masterful tantra coach. His presence and ability to make women feel safe are what drew me to him. In my tantra and sacred spot activation session, we set an intention to tune into my sensations and not to rush for an outcome.

Sanjay met me skillfully, holding space for my blissful energy to unfold, and the result was incredible. I felt more pleasure in my body, I feel powerful, energized and radiant. I highly recommend Sanjay as a powerful and skilful tantra coach.” 

YN, 36, Consultant, London: “My Tantra and sacred spot session with Sanjay was a beautiful, well-held experience. At the beginning of the session, we set our intention on specific issues that I wanted to work on. I felt safe and clear about what was about to occur. The session itself was a profound experience of letting go. Sanjay’s touch was very responsive to my body, which allowed me to open up at my own pace with no rush.

We went as deep as we needed in order to go to and when I expressed I was satisfied and we stopped. Sanjay was absolutely fantastic in holding me afterwards, encouraging me to let out whatever needs to come out.

I am very grateful for this experience and for Sanjay’s professional, clear, warm and loving care of me.

Highly recommended!”

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