Safire tantric massage Gloucestershire

The Sacred Fire


I invite you on a sacred and sensual healing exploration through the Indian Tantra system for honouring the divine masculine and feminine.


I was brought up with ancient esoteric tantric rituals to the divine and my life’s work and practices entwine the essence of Tantra – where love, sex, money is expressed as devotion, life force, resource and transformation. When these are woven together they create a unique blueprint of eroticism for each individual that offers a magical and enchanting portal of self-discovery and self-enquiry.


Together we ceremoniously explore the expansion of energetic frequencies through breath work, meditation, sacred pujas and mantras. You’ll experience heightened sensual touch through the evocation of sacred time, culminating in the alchemy of activation, renewal, re-embodiment and transformation.


Just as the lotus flower recognises that the mud where her roots arise is synonymous in value to her beautiful thousand-petal flower, I consciously witness you, your presence, accepting what is and honouring the divine within you.


I am a Tantric healer and my sessions include a deep uncovering of what is asking to be seen. My work is with healing male sexuality through ritual. This is done in a safe, intimate space where you are held throughout in intention and vulnerability.


The sessions are tailored to you – I listen to your body and tune into what is said unconsciously in the vibrational realm. The sessions are experiential and explorative. They release locked-in emotions through touch for a renewed vitality. After the session, you will be in your power and wisdom, and see and feel your beauty and charm reflected back to you through your interaction with others.


The initial session is 2 hours. Further sessions may be longer as we go deeper into exploration. The healing touch sessions are to empower with re-ignited sexual energy by releasing into the body to nurture and nourish the life-force. If a physical release is desired over the subsequent days after a session, then I will provide guidance so that you can harness the energy to its fullest.


Contact me if this resonates with you. I am based in the Cotswold in Gloucestershire and can be reached at Leave your phone number and I shall call you at an agreed time for a conversation and any questions you may have. I look forward to this journey with you.