Safire tantric massage Gloucestershire

The Sacred Fire


I invite you on a powerful sacred tantra journey where you can consciously develop the skills for activating the divine masculine and feminine within you and apply it in your every day.


I was brought up with ancient esoteric tantric rituals to the divine and my life’s work and practices entwine the essence of tantra. I am a Tantric Healer and my sessions include a deep uncovering of what is asking to be seen. My work is with healing through ritual and touch. This is done in a safe, intimate space where you are held throughout in intention and vulnerability.


With me you will navigate the routes to enable a conscious awakening through self-inquiry where the alchemy of transformation is initiated. The feminine path of love and devotion is conscientiously woven with the masculine path of awareness and witnessing. Here the inner fire is activated to transmute the body’s poison into nectar. Those elements of human life that trigger us such as base, animalistic sexuality, buried emotions, the ego-mind, money, power and the pains of love which frequently become our pitfalls are revealed from the shadows. Old patterns that no longer belong are identified and dissolved and new patterns are defined to take you forward – culminating in renewal and re-embodiment. When this happens, it is like a homecoming, where with wise acceptance we relax into what is with compassionate love.


The sessions

The sessions are 2 hours long and are for men and women. There is a treatment room and this involves lying on a massage table to experience healing sensual touch. Further sessions may be longer as we go deeper into exploration and sacred ceremonies.


Together we will explore the expansion of energetic frequencies through breath work, meditation, sacred pujas and mantras. The sessions are tailored to you, I listen to your body and tune into what is said unconsciously in the vibrational realm. The sessions are experiential and explorative and release locked-in emotions for a renewed vitality. Clients who work with me often seek a deeper spiritual tantric awakening and therefore embark on a programme of sessions.


Just as the lotus flower recognises that the mud where her roots anchor is synonymous in value to her beautiful thousand-petal flower, I consciously witness you, your presence, accepting what is and honouring the divine within you. After the session, you will be in your power and wisdom, and see and feel your beauty and charm reflected back to you through your interaction with others.



Sessions Yes No
For men
For women
Sacred and devotional tantra
Healing touch massage
One way touch
Practitioner remains clothed
Meditation, puja, breath work
Open mind without expectations
Safe confidential space
Two way touch
Sexual release




It was an incredible experience, the session was so powerful, I feel the best I have felt in seven years in terms of arousal/ sexuality. Mine and my partner’s intimacy has improved hugely already. It definitely cleared a huge energy block- so thank you again. (Female client Aug 19)


“Safire provides a place of warmth in which I can feel safe to be who I really am. My journey of self is dependent upon where I’m willing to go and Safire gently helps me channel my energy along the right path.I’ve never met anyone like her before; she is one of a kind”


“Safire takes a very holistic and embodied approach to her work and I recommend this to the serious inquirer of Tantra who wants to take a deep dive into what it means to be a human experiencing their sexuality and relationships. Her work is not for the client expecting a ritualized rub down and a ‘happy ending’ massage! The client’s exploration is first and foremost an inquiry about themselves.  Safire uses a combination of traditional coaching and reflection, shamanic rituals, sensual massage/touch and energy work.  In my personal experience, it speaks to the masculine and feminine within us, the head and heart, the thinking and feeling, and the Soul and Body.  Having been drawn initially to her approach and now experiencing working with her, I can truly say our work together is opening up many layers and shining a torch into those areas of my sexual and relational life that I have long hidden within me. I am pleased we were brought together” Client 2019


“As a first-time male, I was unsure what to expect, however from the very first point of contact Safire’s warmth and spirit immediately placed my mind at rest. I found this to be the start of an exploratory journey that although does accommodates sexual openness, isn’t exclusively focused. My rewards were a spiritual reawakening and any men reading this should not hesitate if they are open to developing their wellbeing, collectively focusing on mind, body and soul. Safire is a lovely lady and will intuitively guide you through the process.” Client 2018



Get in touch

Contact me if this resonates with you. I am based in Gloucestershire and can be reached at Let me know best days/times to contact you and leave your phone number. I shall call you at an agreed time for a conversation and any questions you have. I look forward to this powerful tantric journey with you.