Sexual Alchemy Sessions For Men


– Are you ready to radically transform your life and your sex life?

– Do you long for deeper connection, intimacy and pleasure?

– Would you like to build your confidence and heal sexual issues?

– Are you ready to embody and express your full erotic potential?


Having a good relationship to our sexual self is the foundation for everything else in our life. How we feel about ourselves as sexual beings informs our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Sexual Alchemy areas of expertise include:


–       Healing erectile dysfunction

–       Prolonging pleasure

–       Dealing with ejaculatory issues

–       Building confidence as a lover

–       Exploring new areas of sensuality and sexuality

–       Exploring various forms of touch

–       Breath and energy work for sexual pleasure and healing

–       Heal past wounds around sexuality, intimacy, pleasure and the body

–       Awaken you full sexual potential

–       Discover more pleasure for yourself and your partners

–       Let go of fear, shame and guilt

–       Celebrating yourself as a sexual being

–       Exploring the blend of tantra and BDSM

–       Bondassage (A kinky erotic massage)


Imagine waking up every day feeling confident, alive and energised.


Imagine feeling empowered in your masculine presence and energy.


Imagine a life full of pleasure, sensuality and erotic intimacy.



About Rebecca


Known as ‘The Sexual Alchemist’, Rebecca is a catalyst for deep transformation and sexual awakening.

Using her innate, intuitive sense of sexuality along with 25 years of formal training, experience and personal exploration, Rebecca is able to help you connect to your sexuality, your sexual power, in deep and mysterious ways.

A Sexual Alchemy session or program will awaken a deeper aspect of your sexual self than you have ever experienced before, so that it will flow through you for your continued pleasure, health, well-being and expansion.

Whether you would like to find ways of accessing and being with your sexual energy, or to heal past wounds, to explore new possibilities, learn new techniques, or to expand your sexuality, Rebecca is very experienced in creating a safe, sensual, warm, playful and deeply enriching space for you to journey in.

Rebecca is passionate about helping people, particularly men, to transform, heal and expand their ideas and experiences of sexuality.


Send Rebecca an email telling her what you are interested in exploring or learning and she will get back to you in 24 hours or less. It’s time to transform the sexual issues that are holding you back!