Tantra Massage Central London


Would you like to connect with yourself on a deeper level? Experience the beauty within you? Or just simply need few hours to switch off and relax under conscious and loving touch? Whatever you come for healing or to gift yourself with an experience you will leave more open, connected and rejuvenated.

Taking inspiration from my own healing path and as a yoga and meditation instructor I hold a relaxed, non-judgemental place where you can feel fully accepted, loved and empowered.

Sessions last 3 hours. Being gifted with great intuition and healing abilities I offer a unique experience. After connecting to each other, during the bodywork I tune into your energetic system to work on your blockages. Using sounds, breath, movements and different methods to help you to connect with your body, open your heart and move the energy in your body.

My intention also to facilitate an experience which shows you what you are capable of feeling – sexually, sensually and energetically. If you are seeking and ready for a change in your life, this session is for you. I will guide your sexual energy and you can experience a state of pleasure, relaxation and healing. I help you to be able to aware and communicate your needs.

I also offer Pink Puja for individuals and couples. More information about it:



Premlata is unique. A deeply intuitive, sensitive, conscious woman who is kind and compassionate also. She  assisted and helped me through a big change in my life. I trust her. She is someone I will go to again for her energy and input into my healing.” – Gayle-

„ Whoaaa, what a feeling – I am totally relaxed, full of bliss and still comfortably lightheaded, three days after my massage with you. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I felt a lot of energies moving through my body. I was a little bit nervous about the whole experience before, but you totally put me at ease. I am definitely going to come back to you! Thank you!!!” –Matthias-

 “I just wanted to extend lots of love and kindness to you. I feel that you really helped me and I really really appreciate it. Lots of things came up yesterday and even today but it is all good and I really appreciate you holding the space for me whilst doing a lot of energy work on that dense  energy and shaking it all out through you. I just want to honour you for your skills, for your intuition….you are very gentle and you really know what you are doing. The way you do things is very different from the way lots of people do it. I  enjoyed your perspective on healing. Thank you very much.”


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