Hello, I’m Pauline.

Do you want to let go of constraints and limitations, to enjoy a greater sense of freedom, to develop a capacity for deeper intimacy, Pauline Tantric massage therapist Devonconnection and self-confidence in your life, and your intimate relationships? Combining a deep understanding of the genuinely transformative potential of tantra with expertise in sex-orientated therapeutic bodywork and coaching, I will guide you on a journey of gentle exploration, challenge, discovery and joyful expression, supporting you to connect with your essential sexual and erotic self.

For me, tantra offers fresh perspectives on intimacy with self and others, on how we behave in relationships, make choices and agreements, and express our true selves in all areas of our lives. It supports us to recognise how we limit our pleasure, our self-determination and our full potential. It shows us what we hide from, and what limits us, in life.

Together we will explore ways in which tantra might increase your capacity for feeling pleasure, and your connection with your body, senses and emotions. Tantra brings greater awareness of self, more body confidence and self-esteem. It introduces us to the concept of developing and growing into our full potential as we better understand the nature of our intimate relationship with ourselves, and with others. It offers subtle and profound growth and healing.

I use a range of approaches including bodywork, tantra massage, energy work, visualisation, breath work, coaching, movement and ritual. I will support you in finding ways to embody the principle that we all deserve pleasure, fulfilment and intimacy in our lives. Each session will be an exploration of the possibilities, tailored to your individual needs.

My training, and continued exploration and adventure, is with Shakti Tantra (shaktitantra.co.uk). I have also completed the Urban Tantra Professional Training (urbantantraprofessionaltrainingprogram.com). I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and have trained in Psychosexual Somatics.

I welcome people of all sexual orientations, expressions and preferences, ages and physical abilities; individuals and those in relationships.

“Pauline is a wise, skilled and creative tantrika. She is warm, empathic and intelligent, and also refreshingly grounded. Her consciousness of the healing power of pleasure, combined with an expansive and playful palette, helped not only in restoring me to myself, but also in expanding my own ability to ‘stalk pleasure’. I am deeply grateful to her.”

“Pauline will meet you where you are and take you to places of joy, expansion and discovery. She has a wonderful range of skills and a deeply compassionate heart. Tender or vigorous, opening the heart or turbocharging your capacity for aliveness, Pauline is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. You will open a door together and discover what you wish you’d always known.”

I offer sessions in Devon (Exeter) and Gloucestershire (Stroud). Outcalls in other locations on request.

Call 07715104566 for an initial confidential telephone consultation, and to book an appointment. Sessions are usually a minimum of two hours, though may vary depending on your individual needs.

Please note I will require caller contact details and deposit to confirm booking.

For more information visit pleasure-potential.com