Tantric massage Leeds

With over 30 years of healing, massage and shamanic bodywork experience, I offer women and couples safe, non-judgemental time and space to explore sensuality, relaxation, pleasure and sexual healing.


For Women

Tantric massage: A safe space where you can experience loving divine masculine presence honouring you throughout the session.  Conscious, sensual and intimate massage is offered within your personal boundaries which are discussed before and honoured throughout each session


I’ve had three sessions with Paul and I regard this time with him as a real gift. Each session has been different and I really appreciate and trust Paul’s ability to understand me and what I need in any given moment. I’ve experienced sexual healing and a boost in body confidence since seeing Paul. He has a strong nurturing and non-threatening masculinity that enables me to feel safe enough as a woman to explore my sensuality and also to express in confidence whatever is going on for me during the session.


For Men

A nurturing space where your sacred masculinity is explored and celebrated. The sessions can include nurturing and strengthening non intimate massage, ritual, exploration of issues around sexual performance and support around becoming multi-orgasmic.


For couples

Sensuality, ritual and sacred breath work are used to support couples to reignite their passion for each other. A combination of coaching, fine-tuning of techniques and learning the exquisite art of tantric massage makes these sessions an invaluable tool to kick-start the sensuality in any loving relationship.


Free consultation

I’m delighted to offer an initial free 15 minute consultation by telephone or skype before booking appointments.


While sensuality is explored and celebrated during appointments, this is not a sexual service. Touch is one way, from me to you so that you can relax, let go of the need to perform or be someone else enabling you to experience, learn, enjoy and receive.


Fees, location and contact:

Sessions last between 2-3 hours and cost £75 an hour with a minimum commitment of 2 hours


I work in North Leeds, 15 minutes by car or taxi from central Leeds


Outcalls can be arranged and may incur additional costs for travel and accommodation.


07926 584665 thepaulbyrne@hotmail.co.uk