London Tantric massage services

Would you like to feel happier in your body and sexuality, with yourself or with a partner?


Explore your capacity for erotic flow, connection and bliss?

Find a space to be nurtured, pampered, rejuvenated to the full potential of your sexual-sensual being?


My name is Nico, and I offer exquisite erotic experiencing and tantric massage for sexual healing and pleasure.

For me, Tantra is about reclaiming joy, love and power.

I have learned that whenever we truly inhabit our bodies and the more we learn to harness their innate energetic potential, we experience the connection to ourselves, to others and the world from the warmth of our hearts, feel glowing, vibrant, beautiful and strong.

Underneath all emotional and relational issues, our sensuality, innocence and playfulness are always there, innately wild and free, only waiting to unfurl!

Sexual embodiment and the cultivation of sacredness and wonder are an ongoing practice.

Playfulness, joy and celebratory mischief are paramount for me, no matter the form you choose.

Having experienced different facets of tantra and sexual bodywork for a few years, my journey keeps unfolding through many facets and disciplines, and I love sharing this adventure of ongoing discovery.

I aim to serve the space we create with warmth, fun, grace, respect, and dedication to accompanying you on your beautiful journey, whatever that may be.

I primarily work with tantric massage, genital sensitization and de-armouring techniques.

If you book a longer session or have a particular concern, I can guide you through different exercises, rituals, techniques and meditations.

If you would you like to explore power dynamics, impact play, conscious consent, naked embodied listening, are looking for help or advice, or for someone to trustfully and confidentially receive you or you and your partner for any issues regarding your body and sexuality, I am there for you.


Please note that I generally work naked, but offer one-way touch only.


I speak English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Currently offering Tantric massage in London

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to arrange a session!

I look forward to hearing from you.


With ever flourishing delight.


Nico <3

07835 344 029