Tantric Massage for Men and Women

Do you want to let go of blockages, release body armour and open to the bliss, sensuality and aliveness that is your true nature?


I am Nick Hudis, I’ve been working with bodywork, natural health and Tantric and Taoist sexual healing for over 20 years.  I’ve studied with leading teachers including Shakti Malan and Deborah Anapol.  Although I am probably best known as an author, and mentor in the field of sacred sexuality for men (see my website www.nickhudis.com) I also have healing offers created to meet the needs of women.


These include:


Tantric Massage and Yoni Massage


In these sessions I offer you a safe held space where you can get in touch with your body, let go of contraction, find deep self-acceptance and fully embrace your aliveness, your bliss and your sensuality.

In a session, deep healing touch and sensual touch are melded together into a flowing whole.  The work may at times be blissful and at other times challenging.  A wide range of feelings from pleasure to the release of grief, fear and anger may be experienced. It is a special opportunity to experience intimate touch in a safe, supportive situation, free of guilt or shame. The session is a time to surrender to the moment and get in touch with your deepest feelings.


Sessions are 2 hours long and are available in a beautiful dedicated healing centre in West Yorkshire.  Sessions are occasionally available in Newcastle too. Your investment is £180 for the session.


Intimacy Coaching


Here we take things into a more profound healing than a one-off massage session. Areas you might explore include:


  • Opening into the deeper levels of feminine sexual awakening
  • Releasing fear and traumas around sexuality
  • Exploration of fantasy and desire
  • Exploration of the inner marriage between the Feminine and Masculine principles
  • Clearing the chakras and energy pathways
  • Relationship, intimacy and lovemaking skills


The work may include bodywork, breathwork, movement, counselling, reflective practices and meditation. Typically you commit to a course of work over 3-6 months. Your investment will be in the range of £700-1000. If you are interested in Intimacy Coaching, I suggest the starting point would be to book a tantric massage session so you can feel into whether working with me is right for you.


It can be challenging for a woman to consider working with a male therapist. However, it provides a special opportunity to heal the wounds you have around the masculine.  I place the highest priority on being professional, ethical, boundaried and caring in my approach.  Here is what women clients have said:


Your work is very fine.  You feel people deeply – Shakti Malan internationally renowned tantra teacher and author of Sexual Awakening for Women.


“As a practitioner of deep healing bodywork, I have always been very selective of the people I trust and respect to do this work on me. I have found in Nick someone who is very gifted indeed and practices with total integrity and utter respect for his clients. Trusting him on your healing journey back to fullness as a woman might just be the most precious gift you have ever given yourself”.  – Kalyani Ma Mukti, tantric healer, intimacy coach and sacred sexuality teacher


“My first experience of tantra massage was with Nick. He made me feel very relaxed with his calm and sensitive approach. I felt very comfortable in his presence and was able to open up and allow deep healing. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is contemplating having a tantric massage” – K, 52, Health worker


“After working with Nick for almost five years we have recently moved into tantra work. I have found it to be a wonderfully life-enhancing experience. Nick creates a totally safe and professional environment within which I am able to relax and focus on the healing process” – R, 49, Dancer


“I brought so much shame and inhibition to the session, but  I came out floating, feeling as if a whole new part of me had come to life.  The world seemed brighter and I was surprised people were not staring at me because I must appear transfigured” – C, 35, Teacher


To take things further and arrange a first session, please email me on integramassage@gmail.com or phone on 07891579364