Tantra Massage London

Memory, emotion and trauma are stored in the body. By working with conscious touch however, they can be released.  Mike Lousada is founder of Psychosexual Somatics®, a body-mind therapeutic approach which draws from psychotherapy, neuroscience, bodywork, clinical sexology and Taoist and Tantric systems to offer an integrated treatment for intimacy issues.


Within the clearly defined and boundaried ethical framework, Mike offers a variety of bodywork treatments for women and couples as well as talk therapy for male clients.


Mike is qualified as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist, a California-state approved clinical sexologist, sex coach and sex educator as well as being qualified in several forms of bodywork.


He has been practicing for 7 seven years and offers sessions from his space in Belsize Park, North London.  Mike’s work receives regular press coverage, most notably in Naomi Wolf’s latest book Vagina.



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