Tantric massage Dublin


I offer Tantra Massage & sexual healing in South Dublin.


So beautiful to find a safe space to experience a delicious sensual massage and maybe to open up and share honestly about any issues we may have regarding intimacy , sexuality or relationships that have perhaps  bothered us for years .


Ten years ago – Having spent too long myself struggling with these issues – I eventually started reading about Tantra and took the step of booking a series of tantra massages –

The healing power of Tantra really amazed and surprised me!


After just a few sessions of Tantra massage, I saw that the issues which I needed to be healed were actually being ‘held’ in my body and were finally being released through my body!

So began my Tantric journey of attending many training’s and workshops as I learned the techniques of tantra massage.

I couldn’t help but notice that finally, my life was definitely transforming :)

I realised that although I had spent years training as a Therapist in the areas of  / Breathwork / Counselling / Reiki etc ..Tantra offered a far greater healing potential for me.


Maybe some of this resonates with you or maybe you just feel you’d just like to experience a beautiful deep nurturing sensual massage in a totally safe heartfelt environment –

Either way, I wholeheartedly recommend you check out Tantra and check out my site