Tantra massage

Michelle Roberton is deeply passionate about Authentic Tantric sharing and “souly” committed to guiding others to reclaim and trust the world of body, sensation, intimacy and love.

She offers a doorway for others, to not know Tantra with the intellect but to taste it has their own experience with body, heart and bones.


Michelle is known for her gentle caress and her profoundly intuitive Tantric teachings of

The simplicity of breath,

The relationship of body love,

Sacred touch.


The Exploration of “Sensational” movement. 


Michelle specialises in supporting sexual trauma survivors and those who fear intimate relationships, back to the safe edges of their skin and offers a rewiring of abusive sexual beliefs.


She lives in the sunny town of Brighton with her four children.

Tantra Brighton massage


An Invitation To Explore & Rediscover you.

Websites: MichelleRoberton.comSacredTantricTouch.com

Email: michelle@sacredtantrictouch.com