Tantric massage Midlands

High quality, caring, respectful Sensual, Erotic and Tantric-style massage, tailored to you.

There may be many reasons you are seeking a practitioner on this website and I am glad you have found my advert.

Perhaps you wish to explore with curiosity what kind of touch you like and desire, and how to voice these desires, because this is difficult for you for some reason.

Maybe you feel tender and wounded and need some TLC, gentle handling, nurturing and loving touch.

It could be that you are ready to explore and have an adventure in your own erotic landscape, and explore practices such as edging, expanding and extending pleasure, genital massage and sensation play. Or a combination of the above!

My offer is the nurturing, opening, curious, sensual, caring and careful touch and massage service you are looking for.

My belief is that many of us are blocked or missing out on our true potential for pleasure and intimacy because of many factors such as social messages about sex, habits around sex or masturbation, poor sex education, trauma and abuse, lack of confidence and self-esteem/body image issues and many more.

A good quality, heart centred, honouring relationship can offer a different and valuable experience that can be life enhancing and life changing, in more ways than just the bedroom.

If you book with me, I will do all the touch, and you will receive all the touch. It is your precious time to experience one-way touch where all the attention is on you, with the intention of fulfilling the needs you bring to me.


To create a sensual atmosphere and energy between us, I enjoy working with the top half of my body exposed, as long as my boundaries are respected by you.

I offer to create the conditions where you can have a ‘real’ experience of dropping into your body’s sensations and pleasure and where we are accepting of whatever is there. Orgasm and ejaculation are welcome but not a compulsory expectation.

I am open to working with all genders and sexualities, from cisgender and heterosexual men and women, couples, LGBTQ folk, non-binary/trans clients welcome. People in all sorts of relationships, or none, are welcome and people with physical disabilities.  I am a queer identified woman with a tomboyish appearance.

I have received training in somatic sexology, bodywork, genital massage, external anal and prostate massage, Tantric massage, trauma, therapeutic work and counselling skills.

I offer a quality, respectful, caring and professional service to people who resonate with what I offer, and wish to resist the often shaming and negative manifestations of sex and sexuality that exist in the world. With many of my clients, we agree that together we are ‘changing the world’!

Words of my clients;

“You have magic hands. I always know where to come to feel completely transformed but most importantly you are a kind and skilled person and I feel safe with you”.

“It really helps to come and see someone who is intelligent and so well-informed, you make me look at sex and sexuality differently. I’ve found it very empowering”.

“As a trans person, I have found your sensitive and understanding approach and being flexible about how I feel pleasure fantastic. Great service”

“It’s like coming to a spa…I feel so relaxed, the massage is great and I have never been touched like that!”


I work from my safe, calm, clean base in Leicester, Midlands, which has great transport links from M1 and M69 and is accessible.

Sessions are usually 1.5-2 hours. I always speak to you on the phone to make sure we are a good match to work together and then if you want to proceed we can book, including a deposit to confirm booking.

To enquire and make a booking please email me, Liz on lizrebelle@gmail.com and I would be happy to arrange a phone conversation with you.