Tantric Massage Liverpool

Tantric tuition, coaching and practise in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Lisa tantric massage therapist Liverpool and Merseyside
Discover exquisite pleasure you may not have ever imagined possible.
“ What would you like to have happen?”
Sometimes clients don’t actually know the answer,…. yet!

They just imagine that there must be more to sex and life OR they just feel like something is missing. This is fine, as through this work, we expand and discover, ‘What you’d really like to have happen.’ Connecting with love, we unearth your passions bringing you deeper pleasure, satisfaction and joy. Life’s goodies! And along the way, discovering and transforming, forever, the stuff that gets in the way!


Maybe you spend most of your time stressed out and go through your life mostly disconnected from the powerful wisdom of your body?

Perhaps you would benefit from more self confidence? Or a better relationship with your body?

Perhaps you feel your body let’s you down?

Or maybe you just know that there must be more to life than you usually give yourself the time and opportunity to explore?

It is common for people to thrive in certain aspects of life whilst simultaneously just surviving or totally rejecting other aspects. This separation causes us all so much pain. Pain we maybe either projecting onto others or avoiding with self abusive, compulsive thoughts and behaviors such as: over working/training, over/under eating, cutting, people pleasing, worrying, misusing drugs, alcohol, pornography.

Whatever your reason for wanting more pleasure in your life, tantra is an incredible gift to yourself, if you’re open enough to receive it. There’s no time, other than the present.

Sex should be life giving, life enhancing and healing; through our sexuality and sensuality we learn about connection and intimacy…. we learn about our truth.

You will discover practices that can release deep held tension and enable you to gain self-knowledge that will transform not just your sex life but your whole state of being.

It is my honour to hold you in love with deep respect for the power of this work. Acknowledging and welcoming your whole self, in your naturalness. My approach is one of kind curiousity, and innocence playfulness, creating a space for you to feel your fear and let go, to become more vibrant and vital than before.
Each session follows the needs of the client. Sessions can include:

  • Tantric Massage Ritual. – A beautiful, ancient sacred structure that is a great start to your adventure into the paradox of your uniqueness and blissful oneness.
  • Coaching with symbolic modelling to expand your conciousness, solve problems, create new life options, support you to move to a place of choice and develop an ongoing personal practise that suits you, if that is what you seek.
  • Tantric excercise and structures especially chosen to support your unique tantric adventure.
  • Acupressure – Releases blocks held within the body and helps your energy flow increase throughout your body, improving overall health and vitality.
  • Guided meditations to bring peace, relaxation and a new sense of self.
  • Breathwork to better manage your energy flow and transform blocks.
  • Yoni (vagina) Healing – for women.
  • Vajra (penis) Healing – for men.
  • Rosetta (anal) Healing – for men and women

These 3 Healing structures above, release pain, tension and resistance allowing you to expand and discover your inner power and vitality along with an increased capacity for pleasure.

  • Loving touch tuition, (offered only to established clients by invitation)


I work with women, men and couples to increase their capacity for love and pleasure in every area of their life. Through tantra we can work directly with all aspects of ourselves, ensuring our growth is always a natural development and so a very effective way to create the lasting change we desire. On this journey we also discover strengths and gifts that lay hidden to our current consciousness.
Lisa has over 20 yrs experience facilitating clients to relax, be present, open and navigate past blocks in the body, mind and heart, enabling greater vitality and freedom. Lisa began her Tantra training with Shakti Tantra (www.shaktitantra.co.uk) in 2006 and has assisted since with their workshops. She is a qualified coach and NLP Master practitioner, with symbolic and systemic modelling, using clean language. (www.cleanlanguage.co.uk) Lisa is a dancer and aikidoka (14 yrs aikido practise)

All appointments are made in advance.
Body work sessions require a minimum of 2 hours @ £100 an hour

Skype in depth consultation and coaching require a minimum of 1 hour @ £85 an hour

Please email me at (withpleasure@myself.com) to arrange a time to talk about what you are looking for and get your questions answered.
Initial consultation are completely free with no obligation to book and generally last no more than 15 minutes. You will know by that point if what I offer is going to be of value to you.
Alternatively you can call or text me on 07939 717756. Please understand I am rarely available to answer or consult with you properly unless by prior arrangement so do be prepared to leave a voice message or text me with good times to contact you if you wish.

i will text or email to confirm a mutually convenient time to chat (please note withheld numbers will not be answered)

To all potencial clients, please note in order to do this deeply healing, transformational work we keep the focus on YOU. You will NOT be invited to touch me unless you are a well established client and we have agreed Loving Touch Tuition for the benefit of your personal growth.