Tantric Massage Liverpool

Sex and Intimacy Coaching / Therapeutic Bodywork – Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside.


I work with individuals and couples in person and via Skype to increase their capacity for love and pleasure.


Some clients are drawn to work with me because of specific physical, emotional or psychological problems and some, just from a sense that there must be more to sex and intimacy than they are currently experiencing.


– Maybe you spend most of your time stressed out and go through your life mostly disconnected from the powerful wisdom of your body?


– Perhaps you yearn for a deeper connection with people in general or someone in particular but you don’t know how to create it?


– Perhaps you long for a partner but you can’t seem to meet the right person?


– Perhaps you would benefit from more self-confidence? Or a better relationship with your body? Perhaps you feel your body lets you down?


-Perhaps you are trying to rebuild intimacy after a breakdown in trust or simply having become parents!?


Or maybe you just know that there must be more to life than you been giving yourself the time and opportunity to explore?


It is common for people to thrive in certain aspects of life whilst simultaneously just surviving or totally rejecting other aspects. This separation causes us all so much pain. Pain we either project onto others or avoid with thoughts and/or behaviours such as: overworking/training, over/under eating, people pleasing, worrying, misusing drugs, alcohol, pornography.


Whatever your reason for wanting more pleasure in your life, tantra is an incredible gift to yourself. After all the present is the only place to really be.


You will discover practices that can release deeply held tension and enable you to gain self-knowledge that can transform not just your sex life but also your whole state of being and life as you currently know it.


I draw on a vast range of techniques and practices in response to each individual and the present moment. I work with individuals and couples in person and via Skype to increase their capacity for love and pleasure. I have over 20 years’ experience helping people improve their lives through gaining greater embodied presence. I am a master NLP practitioner with Clean language. I have been practising Tantra since 2006 and Aikido since 2003. I am a dancer an artist and have a background in writing, directing and performing in film and physical theatre.


If you would like to know more do get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk. The initial phone consultation is completely free with no obligation to book.

It will help me if you could also let me know what has drawn you to contact me and what it is you’d like to have happen…..if you already know.


07939 717756 





I’ve never felt so much at peace with myself since I was a young child.



Lisa, just to say you have reminded us both of what we were missing so much. Working with you has revolutionised our sex life and we’re discovering some new and erotic things about each other. Not bad for a 20-year marriage . We’re definitely stopping with the baby making now, 4 is enough. Thanks for helping us find the motivation and time, albeit small atm for ‘us’ again. Thanks for showing us how to and why it’s sooooo rewarding.



Thank you so much Lisa!!

I am eternally grateful to Lisa for enabling me to have, not just a sex life but one I feel in control of and i choose pleasure. It’s a whole new lease of life, an adventure I am so excited about being on now. The fear has gone and the pleasure that was once unimaginable just keeps building.



When I plucked up the courage to try tantra I spoke with Lisa and she made me feel at ease as soon as I chatted to her over the phone.

At my first session, I really didn’t know what to expect.

Tantra has opened up my eyes to a different way of thinking and dealing with stressful and emotionally charged situations.  I feel so much more in touch with my feelings and body, this has had an amazingly positive effect on all aspects of my life.  Tantra with Lisa has and continues to surpass all my expectations.

Every session we have is different and I come away feeling like I have taken another step on my learning journey.  Lisa is kind, caring and very naturally keeps things relaxed.

I feel that each session is tailored specifically to how I am feeling, she is so in tune with you and this creates trust.  She with her persona creates a safe and non-judgemental environment, which allows you to relax and express.

Lisa thank you for sharing my journey, your guidance is a blessing.

Mr D


Lisa guided me through a period in my life where I felt so lost. She not only brought me out of it but I have never before felt so solid and able to enjoy life. I’ve regained my confidence in my body and found that there’s far more to my life than I ever thought possible.



Lisa of varied deep experience makes her session unique and tailored to individual needs. I resemble her work like freeing the butterfly within you leaving behind your old caterpillar shell to a whole new world. In a smooth professional enjoyable process.