Tantric massage Gloucester

I offer Tantra therapy for women,men&couples who want to connect to the bodies and understand sensual touch, in a secure sacred space, and explore without guilt or judgement. I   work with people on many different levels – some are seeking  the exploration of pleasure, others are on a more spiritual path, others need healing of some kind. Or it may be a combination of all these factors.

The sensuality of touch, especially feminine touch is a powerful tool. When its performed in a sacred space where it feels safe to let go, be relaxed in being your true self then exploring emotions, feelings and sensual touch is truly possible and can be an intense release like no other.



Tantra often attracts the interest because of its relationship with sexuality but in reality whilst the sexual element is true it’s real theme is about sensuality, personal learning, healing, exploration and discovery. The concept of creating a sacred space where someone can escape from reality and its challenges without judgement or barriers is a key part of my work, It is allowing an individual to be stripped of concerns, worries and issues that otherwise hold them back. When clothes are removed this helps heighten intensity ( and potentially arousal… hence the sexual element) so with massage, controlled breathing and helps also in clearing the mind. The therapy has different benefits for different people, from more healing focused through to arousal and release for others. tantric massage Gloucestershire


Tantra has been appreciated for centuries by people seeking the benefits of its therapeutic and healing qualities as well as the sensuality of massage. I work with women, men and couples who wish to explore this area in a sacred safe space, combining breathing exercises, understanding the power of the chakras and the feminine touch of a female professional, qualified therapist…


I am based in the Gloucestershire and has qualified from the Somananda Tantra school. if you want to explore and experience tantra with me call for an informal, confidential, no fee discussion to see how Tantra may help you.



You can experience your unique Tantric Massage session in Gloucestershire and also in central Bristol with me in safe, sacred place in which you can relax, surrender and “let go”. To allow yourself dive deep into your experience I would recommend to book the minimum length of session 90 minutes. You can contact me via phone or email.


Contact number:07802825394

email: healingtouch.lana@gmail.com

Visit my website :  https://www.healingtouch-massage.co.uk/