Kira has been a tantric therapist and bodyworker for 6 years, during this time she created her unique modality, which combines chakra-energy-healing and balancing with visualisation and bodywork. Kira had 10 years training in shamanic tantra, which gave her the foundation for shamanic journeying, which many of her clients report experiencing in sessions. Kira believes the energy body is the key to health, sexual stamina and altered states of consciousness, which is the ‘new frontier’ in Tantra. She created ‘Fire Angel Tantric Massage’ in which she trained many people and practitioners, and was the Trainer for the Glastonbury Tantra Temple. She has now created the ‘Grail Temple’, a unique Path to Awakening through Energy Consciousness.

Benefits of the sessions include

  • Altered state of consciousness
  • Enhanced relaxation and sense of well-being
  • Spiritual connection with shamanic journeying
  • Sensate focus and blissfull mindfullness

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