Katy Tantric massage London


I offer tantra massage, intimate bodywork and shadow work sessions through conscious touch with a gentle and compassionate therapeutic approach, I work with individuals and couples of all backgrounds, sexual orientations and genders… These transformational sessions help you to:


  • Re-learn how to relax into your body and your pleasure, and the joy and flow of life
  • Free yourself from shame, fear, guilt, pain or trauma
  • Connect more deeply with your self and others
  • Discover your softness, aliveness, creativity and eros
  • Practice more self-care and self-love
  • Be empowered to live more consciously and authentically


I work intuitively and holistically, using various techniques relevant for the individual for healing and pleasure. I weave together my knowledge and experience of tantra, yoga, shamanism, meditation, breathwork, bodywork, shadow work, ecology, psychology – and life! – to be present and give from my heart. I firmly believe the gift of conscious and loving touch can help us create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


I studied with John Hawken on his year-long professional Tantra Massage training as well as assisting him on Tantra and Dark Eros courses, have been supporting Gayatri on her series of Tantra Massage Training workshops, and have many more teachers, friends and guides from whom I continue to learn. Through sharing my gifts and learnings, I want to help people to feel empowered and to live a more joyful and loving life, free of fear and shame.


I am an explorer. I began my own journey of transformation when I realised I didn’t want to continue living a life disconnected from my body and my truth. More than a decade on, I’m not tired of exploring, sharing and learning. I believe we can each become an explorer of self, reconnecting with our inner child we may have forgotten along the way, and rediscovering our joy and lust for life.


I am passionate about helping others to free themselves from their limitations – including physical, psychological and sexual issues, blockages and traumas. Something is changing in the world right now – it seems more and more people are coming to appreciate the value of freeing themselves from the constraints that have been holding them back from living a full, creative, joyful, loving and embodied life.


During our time together, I am giving to you – you are the receiver and there is one-way only touch. This allows you to let go of the “doing mind” and relax into experiencing felt sensations in your body. I hold a safe environment with clear communication, consent and boundaries, which all contribute towards an experience free of shame, judgement or expectation.


Specific sessions may include:Katy tantric massage London


  • Yoni and Vajra healing – also referred to as genital mapping, de-armouring, massage
  • Rosetta healing – also referred to as anal mapping, de-armouring, massage
  • Pelvic expansion massage – reconnecting you with your sexual energy and cauldron of desire
  • Reichian spinal and neck massage – releasing the spine, letting go of the weight of the world and moving into flow
  • Erotic awakening through touch – permission to experience a variety of felt sensations in your physical body, connecting with and moving your sexual energy, expanding your energy body
  • Intimacy coaching and education – how to be a better lover and improve your sex life
  • Creating rituals and alchemy using sex magick – intention setting and letting go, awakening to your aliveness


Our practitioner/client relationship will begin with a consultation followed by a session lasting 2–3 hours in total. Each session thereafter is typically 1.5–3 hours duration, agreed in advance..


If you would like to book a session, please introduce yourself over email katyanamcara@gmail.com

sharing your intention and what you’d like to experience during our time together. No prior knowledge or experience necessary, please come with an open heart and mind.


I look forward to meeting you.


Much love,

Katy xx



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