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Gentle Togetherness Naturist Cuddling and Tantra


Beautiful day :)


I am Joy and I provide naturist cuddling combined with tantra elements and massage in London.

My sessions are about the power of human nourishing touch, connection, comfort, gentle togetherness, skin on skin contact, soft touch as well as sensual, sensuous and therapeutic touch. Within the lovely and tender cuddling part, we cuddle in different positions, embrace, hold hands, hug and snuggle.

Tantra massage London

Within Tantra and massage part I use various subtle and connecting practices for us to create a wonderful energetic flow and caring, loving experience. I apply therapeutic massage pressure of your preferred choice.

This is a unique experience lasting 2hrs or more if you like, after which you leave feeling lighter both in the mind and body.

I invite you to try something new and different.




Joy xx


Located near London Bridge

Opening Hours Mon-Sun 10 am – 10 pm


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