Jade Tantric massage London

My sessions will take you on a profound journey of healing and exploration into the deepest realms of your reality. I combine Tantric and Taoist bodywork and energetic techniques to release blockages and traumas from deep within your body and allow the energy that is our birthright to experience to flow, replacing stiffness and pain with a vibrant, fluid and pleasurable body. I use the Taoist technique of cultivating love energy and connecting this with orgasmic energy, sending waves of regenerating ecstatic energy through your body. I use sound healing, breathwork and tantric rituals to reconnect you with your authentic self and enable you to connect with your destiny.


Our sexual energy is an important part of the experience of being human. Sex is a powerful energy that creates life and can be used to heal and to manifest on many levels. Traditionally our culture has feared this power and repressed it, bringing humanity to the brink of destruction. We are living in a time when the sexual empowerment of each individual is essential for the survival of the human race. Our sexual organs are powerhouses of energy which is the source of life and when we utilize this instead of allowing it to stagnate, it transforms our lives.


I came into Tantra and Sexual Alchemy practice from a background of being extremely sexually shut down. I was abused as a child and teenager and was completely anorgasmic as my sexual chakra was blocked. I went through experiencing the confusion of sexual blockage, the shame and embarrassment of not feeling a whole woman. I suffered from anxiety and insomnia and felt lost in terms of my direction in life. My body was stiff and painful, something I had to manage to live with rather than enjoy. Then I discovered Sexual Alchemy and my life changed. Through practising the meditations I started to feel my energy awakening and moving up my body in pleasurable electrical waves. Before long I went from being anorgasmic to full body multi-orgasmic. My pains went away, my body became fluid, and more importantly, I began to manifest in my life and finally found the path where my destiny lay. I realised sex is more than just pleasure. Its the essence of life.


We live in a society that is arguably sex-obsessed, but in a way that disconnects people from the true experience of sexual and spiritual connection. Anyone who has been or is sexually blocked knows that it’s not just a block of pleasure, it affects every part of your life. I truly believe that if women become sexually empowered, and by this I mean learn to utilise and transform their sexual energy and move it up their body as practised by the ancients of India and China, most of the social ills of today will simply melt away. The sexual and the spiritual are inseparable. Sexual ecstasy is the pathway to spiritual connection and every religion recognises this. I have experienced this in my own life and am passionate about sharing it with all beings.


My interests in esoteric and sexual healing go back to my teenage years when I started to learn yoga and learn about chakras and natural health. I attained a BA in Chinese Medicine and am a Five Elements Acupuncturist. This opened up my awareness about the mystical and healing qualities of energy. We are all educated in terms of the mundane and material world, but there is another reality equally important to us, and if we can tap into this, the world of energy, we have magic at our fingertips. This is magic we can use to heal and to manifest creatively and spiritually. My journey through healing modalities lead  me to become a Bowen Technique therapist, studying Chi Nei Tsang (with Mantak Chia) Thai Massage and Karsai Nei Tsang (Taoist therapeutic genital massage), as well as Emotional Detox Tantric and Taoist Bodywork with Mal Weeraratne. I am also a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor and I teach workshops and private tuition of Taoist Inner Alchemy, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Sexual Alchemy.


I am an experienced therapist and bodyworker with a deep understanding of the nature of trauma and the function of the energy body in healing trauma. I have years of experience working with trauma and sexual issues and holding space for my clients to process their pain. Through Tantric Massage I have found a new and deeper way to allow the patient to access their soul and spirit for healing on an incredibly profound level. My focus in a session is to activate the love energy of the Heart, an incredible energy that can be combined with orgasmic energy, spread around the body, and used to heal on a cellular level. I combine dance, tantric rituals, sound healing, shamanic practices and Sexual Alchemy with deep bodywork, energy work, oil massage and light touch. The session involves an in-depth abdominal and groin massage (Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang) to clear blockages in the abdomen and open up the flow of lymph and blood into the sexual area to bring an incredible amount of energy there. I combine the sexual energy with the love energy of the Heart, and as this spreads around the body opens up the body to the ecstatic experiences of full body and multiple orgasms, and eventually to a deep spiritual connection and oneness with the universe.


I also teach Taoist Inner and Sexual Alchemy and Iron Shirt Chi Kung.