I invite you to Heart Centred Tantra Sessions, from my Devon based studio, part way between Plymouth and Exeter. My sessions will help you to experience pleasure with ease and confidence, and to share intimacy with others, in fulfilling and heartfelt ways.


The main reason that people practice Tantra Massage, is to experience heightened states of sexual pleasure, such as whole body orgasms, or energy orgasms. These blissful states are reached when the body is completely relaxed, and erotically charged through touch, breath, sound, and movement. It is wonderful to be touched. It is wonderful to be turned on. It is really wonderful to feel every tissue of your body become alive with pleasure. This kind of pleasure is not available to many, within western culture. Such skills can take some time to master, but I believe such blissful states of pleasure, are worth the wait.


Tantra Intimacy sessions provide an opportunity to explore intimacy, without any pressure or need to perform. These sessions will help you to discover more about the kinds of touch and contact that you enjoy. As the sessions pass, you will learn how to communicate your needs and desires, with more ease and confidence. You will feel more relaxed, and present within each moment. You will become more aware of pleasurable feelings, and you will feel more confident and skilled to explore and experiment in bed.


Tantra Massage sessions are a one-way touch massage experience. This is an honouring experience, where my touch is offered as a gift to you. Without the concerns of another person’s needs, you are free to concentrate on how you are feeling, what types of touch you find pleasurable, and the parts of the body where you enjoy being touched. As you relax, and receive massage throughout your body, your concentration will remain on your own sensations, and on enjoying the experience.


For more information, or to book a session please visit my website www.sensualfocus.com, or email me at devontantra@yahoo.co.uk. Tantra can support you in many different ways, so please always let me know where you would like your personal tantra journey to take you.