My name is Daisy and I am an experienced Dakini, offering relaxing, therapeutic and highly pleasurable Tantric Sessions, from my temple within beautiful South Devon (nr Plymouth and Exeter). My tantric Sessions will help you to experience pleasure with more ease and confidence, and to share intimacy with others, in fulfilling and heartfelt ways.

Tantric Massage is an honouring experience, where my touch is offered as a gift to you. Free from the concerns of another person’s needs, these sessions provide a space where you can relax and receive, a place where all your stresses and strains can melt away, and where the pleasure locked deep within you can finally come alive. Tantric Massage can have a therapeutic focus, to improve sexual issues, such as early or delayed climax, low libido, or erection problems. Tantra can also provide a nurturing space, to receive some tender loving touch. But in its Traditional sense, tantric massage offers a journey of discovery, to explore heightened states of pleasure, such as whole body orgasm, or energy orgasms. These blissful states of pleasure are reached when the body is completely relaxed, and erotically charged through touch, breath, sound, and movement. It is wonderful to be touched. It is wonderful to be turned on. It is really wonderful to feel every tissue of your body become alive with pleasure.

For more information, or to book a session please visit my website or email me at Tantra can support you in many different ways, so please always let me know where you would like your personal tantra journey to take you.