tantra massage Leicester


Name: Hari Trivedi

Sex: Male

Location: Syston, Leicester, UK

Speciality: Tantric Massage

Will see: Female, male and couples

Qualification: Tantric Massage Therapist from the Somananda Tantra School

Tel: 07849039169

Email: hari@thetantric.co.uk

Website: www.thetantric.co.uk


Hari has been practicing yoga, ayurveda, meditation and reiki for many years and is also a qualified Tantric massage therapist. He has been practicing massage for 9 years now, initially trained in Rishikesh, India and recently qualified with Somanananda Tantra School in Estonia. All of his treatments in tantric massage vary from client to client as all requirements are different. He carries out a health consultation prior to the massage to determine what is required to help with healing. The massages last for around 2.5hours and he ensures the whole body is massaged including pressure points and energy flow also please note that a yoni or lingam massage maybe included if required. The end goal of the massage is always spiritual and to make the person more prepared for a higher spiritual goal, this is not a sexual service nor is this is an erotic massage. Recognising blockages in chakras and how to cleanse them is something he finds naturally and is able to tackle most situations. He ensures that the client is always comfortable and ensures a good flow of communication throughout the treatment. There are many ways in which he balances the yin and yang within a client and has seen some astonishing results which can be physical, emotional or mental.