Enorah Rose Tantric massage London

Shadow Tantra * Transformative Touch * Loving Connections


Hello beautiful,

What can I do for you today?

Do you want to play? Do you want to learn? Do you want to transform your sex life?

Would you like me to get out my crops and blindfolds? My oils and candles? My loving touch?

Do you want to be seen for who you really are? Touched on both flesh and soul? Do you want to be held, opened, loved?

Do you want to learn how to be a better lover? Or how to better love your self?

Do you want to befriend your inner demons, your inner child, your inner slut?


Do you have fantasies that scare you? Fantasies that shame you? Fantasies that excite you? Would you like to find the light in these fantasies? See what treasure they hold?

Do you want to know what pleasure your body is capable of? What ecstatic highs you can reach?

Do you want to let go of control, surrender to a truly magnificent experience of the senses?


Good. Talk to me.




What I Offer


I offer a transformational experience of being seen, touched and held.


This might mean wrapping you up in my kisses and love. Showing you how truly beautiful you are. Touching each other, creating an intimate space of sensuality, pleasure and exploration.

It might mean finally exploring a fantasy you have had for a long time. Maybe it involves spanking, role play, being tied up, or playing with floggers or other toys and tools.


Or maybe it is about touching parts of you that have been hurt in the past. Parts of your body and soul that need some loving attention.

Whatever you want to focus on during our time together, we will take time to create a loving connection between us from where we can explore your exquisite sexuality.




My skills


There are many tools we can use to bring the experience you are after to life.

I specialise in combining tools from the worlds of Tantra and BDSM.

Among the skills I possess and enjoy are tantra massage and conscious touch, spanking and the use of floggers, crops and paddles, heart-centered needle play, connective bondage, breath play and breath work, energy work, guided meditations, and all kinds of role play.


I have trained with Barbara Carrellas (Urban Tantra Professional Training Program), and The School of Erotic Mysteries (Temple Whore, and Conscious Kink&Shadow Tantra Practitioner Trainings).


I speak English, Dutch, German and a tiny bit of Arabic. I work in London, Amsterdam and Berlin,


If you are reading this, and feel a bit lost: that’s ok. We will design our session together, and I will advise you about the different tools we can use.




What I expect of you

Take a breath. A nice deep one.

Take a few more.




Now tell me: what is it that you want from our encounter? What do you want to experience? Is there anything you want to learn? Do you have an intention?

I expect you to be fully present with me, as I am with you. You don’t need to have lofty goals: simply experiencing pleasure is just as valid as going on deep emotional journeys. But I need you to be present with the experience.


So take a moment to think about your intention for our time together, and let me know about it when you get in touch.


When you message me, please include in your message:


– Your name

– When and where you’d like to meet

– How long you’d like to meet for

– Your intention for our time together

– What would you like to explore?


Looking forward to meeting you ❤


Much love,