tantra massage Devon

Emily changed my life. I felt as if a heavyweight was lifted off my shoulders. She helped me gain so much more confidence in myself and put so many self-doubts I had about myself to rest. She taught me so many techniques which I’m looking forward to implementing for the rest of my life and enjoying with my future lover. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. The experience was truly blissful and captivating to say the least. The amount of energy I felt flowing was beyond what I expected. I hope to one day experience it all again.” ~ Forever thankful, CS

Assessing our sacred sexual power opens us up to the magic we already are. We get embodied so we really FEEL that we are whole and perfect. What was once mundane becomes pleasurable. We say yes and more please, to what turns us on. We are clear on what does not. We own our experience navigating this great big beautiful world.

That is what we will uncover in our tantric healing sessions together. You will become the Big Being you were meant to be. You will enjoy more and worry less. Anything that has been hiding in the shadows and holding you back will be safe to talk about and explore. We will practice and experiment and find out just what makes you tick and how to meet it.

In One Tantric Session You Can
*Claim your desires
*Find your yes and your no
*Release sexual shame
*Receive pleasure
*Discover new sensations
*Find the joy in safe surrender
*Break patterns
*Connect and build intimacy
*Heal your relationship to your body and your sex
*Let go of restrictive storylines
*Uncover your power and purpose

*Reclaim your sexuality as your own

I am a tantric counselor and masseuse, empowerment/relationship coach for individuals and couples and a current student in the certification of sexological bodywork. I studied with the School of Tribal Tantra in a month-long intensive for Tantric Facilitation and a week-long intensive for Tantric Massage. I have now completed both courses for a second time as an assistant. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini and Yin Yoga Instructor. I study dance, Shamanic practices, ceremony and the Earth.

Sessions can include
*Sensual massage
*Sacred spot massage
*Sex magick ceremony
*Eye-gazing & Intimacy building
*Energy work
*Sensory play
*5 elements massage
*Chakra toning
*Movement exploration
*Trance meditation

*Sacred play

This is a co-creative experience and I look forward to welcoming you where you are at and guiding you to new heights.

Offering 1.5, 2, and 3 hour sessions.

If you are ready to come into your power and pleasure NOW, I offer a 6-week Transformational Program.

I work with folks of all genders, genderqueer, gender f*ck. Beings of all orientations and explorations. Partners in all forms of relationship constellation. I can serve as a surrogate for polyamorous relationship exploration therapy. You belong and YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

A free phone consultation before scheduling is required to determine if we are a good match. I ask for a small deposit on booking.

I look forward to meeting you,