Tantric massage Merseyside


I am a Somatic Sex Educator, pleasure scholar and life artist. I have been a yoga and meditation instructor for over seven years, focusing her practice on Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga. I have lived extensively in (r)evolutionary communes in Argentina and Brazil where she studied Chinese Medicine, Tantric Therapy, Yoga Ayurvedic Massage and Afro-Brazilian dance.

Currently a master’s candidate at Tulane University and an acting writer, filmmaker and musician, my passion is creating safe and pleasure-centred spaces to channel our most natural, sacred and sexual energy into our personal (r)evolution!


I am available for Altered States Erotic Touch sessions in London, Devon and Merseyside. This offering is a shamanic synthesis of plant medicine, sacred massage and sound therapy in three parts:

  • Sharing an alchemical elixir to expand consciousness and open the senses.
  • Sensual massage with options of genital and anal exploration.
  • A sound journey to bliss and surrender.

The alchemical fusion of these three potent ingredients creates the possibility for deep and lasting changes to unfold in your life, beginning with how you relate to yourself, and then naturally expanding to how you relate to everybody and everything around you. We will co-create an erotic ritual that begins with a heart-opening meditation to meet each other fully, in readiness for the shamanic journey we will share together.

You can choose from a range of masterfully prepared plant medicines to support your sacred journey, including aphrodisiacal cacao elixirs, nootropic mushroom extracts, cannabidiol edibles and other blissful botanicals. I will help you choose the perfect preparation to reach the level of enhanced stimulation or deep relaxation you desire. The plant allies we journey with have an intelligent, gentle and well-crafted means of delivery that allow you to slip effortlessly within to explore deep and visionary inner terrains.


To view my available dates, and to find our more about this unique offering, visit me at www.alteredstates.voyage