tantric massage

Dee is a certified conscious sexuality practitioner offering a range of erotic bodywork sessions from her private studio in central south Belfast. Extensive training and continuous commitment to body-based practice means she is a highly skilled, intuitive and client-centered practitioner offering space and time to un-mind.

“Growing up in a country where sexuality and pleasure are conversations that people generally avoid, it can sometimes be difficult to know or to ask for what we want.  It is my passion to expand the idea of what is possible in our amazing bodies. During your session, we begin to unravel the internal barriers to accessing deeper levels of pleasure. Arousal from a place of pure relaxation brings about a blissful state.

I believe that each of us has a deep, sensual erotic core that when accessed brings greater awareness. confidence and ease into our lives. “


I have supported clients who have body confidence or sexual anxiety issues, also people recovering from surgery or trauma. Through touch, we can find a deeper sense of connection to our erotic core. I work with all genders and sexuality expressions.


As a certified practitioner I always work clothed and erotic touch is one way from my hands to your body.


Please note : I never offer same day appointments.


Choose from these Packages


75 min Kundalini awakening session

For those who have lost their connection to their sexuality and want to rekindle…£100


90 min   Tantric Massage ……………….£200

120 min  Tantric Massage ………………£240 (recommended)


Couples workshop:  Learn new techniques to pleasure each other ……£250 (2.5 hours)


Four handed Tantric Massage ……….£300 (working with two bodyworkers)


To book email dee@bodyconscious.me (20% deposit required to secure your session)