Tantric massage Belfast

Adrianne is a trained practitioner offering tantric massage sessions in Belfast and Dublin, Ireland.





“I believe that each of us has a deep, sensual erotic core that when accessed brings great joy into our lives. Using gentle guidance and skilled touch we can begin to access what is possible in our bodies and unlock deeper levels of relaxation and pleasure”.


“I have supported clients who have body confidence worries to really begin to enjoy their beautiful bodies, also people recovering from surgery or trauma. I also enjoy working with clients with physical disability or special medical requirements who may struggle to be accepted by society as full sexual beings.”


“With skilled, sensual touch we can find a deeper sense of connection to our erotic core.”


“I offer private and bespoke one to one or couples 2-3 hour sessions in Belfast and outside Dublin.”


To contact and book with Adrianne email her at




This is not a sexual service.