Dakini Cat Tantric massage and Tantra Teacher

Tantra sessions are a great way to look at how to bring together your sexual energy and your search for personal and soul-filled meaning in your life, thus bringing vibrant, inspired action into existence. Whether you seek healing for past trauma or current difficulties in your sexual expression or wish to find new ways and attitudes to approach your sexuality, Tantra sessions are for you. They will also help if you find sex a hidden or difficult area in your life or want to use your sexual expression to ramp up the power you give to the rest of your life. You can come as an individual or in a partnership.

The way I work is by using my intuition to guide sessions where they need to go to best match your needs. The defining feature is that there are no inherent boundaries to the way in which we approach your uniqueness. This means that I need to feel deeply into both my own experience in the moment as well as yours, in order to bring to you the practices and tools that will best serve you.

What I offer is not a form or structure that you can rest in, but rather an ongoing invitation, challenge, holding, and infinite loving… the aim of which is to bring you into a clearer, truer, and more vibrantly alive expression of who you really are.

Tantra sessions are for you if you:

  • Have problems with your erections or can’t control ejaculation
  • Experience any kind of pain or fear during sex
  • Don’t enjoy sex anymore or feel like there must be more available in the experience somehow
  • Desire to rekindle sexual passion in your relationship or the passion you once felt for your life
  • Have developed a lot in all kinds of areas, but left your sexuality untouched
  • Have never had sex
  • Have had many and varied sexual experiences but are left feeling somewhat empty
  • Want to learn how to share your sexual energy and use it to rocket fuel your life into interstellar realms!

I work with individuals of all genders and orientations, and couples. Sessions are 3 hours in length in order to give plenty of time to dive deep into your own experience.

The tools and practices I use are infinite, but may or may not include:

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Energy sex
  • Cultivating, moving and sharing sexual energy
  • Raising Kundalini energy
  • Trauma release
  • Body and genital de-armouring
  • Loving your naked body
  • Present moment and inside body focus techniques
  • Connecting to internal and external, feminine and masculine forces
  • Sexual anatomy and function teaching
  • Dropping shame, guilt and judgement of self and other
  • Learning to love yourself exactly as you are… in every moment

I currently hold sessions once a month in Totnes in Devon, Bristol, London, Cambridge and Norwich.

To book a 1-1 session with me please go to my website: www.dakinicat.co.uk,

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