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Temple Fire Tantra


Welcome. My name is Clio. I am a sacred, sexual shamanic practitioner, temple priestess and sacred intimate. I’ve been on my tantric journey for 15 years and have been inspired by the depth of love, intimacy, sensuality, sexual and spiritual connection that Tantra has brought to my life and I’d love to share this with you.


I am passionate about embodiment, empowerment and spiritual evolution and the journey to living our highest potential.  One of the most potent doorways to this is through our sexuality. My own journey has included training in tantra, counselling, somatic trauma therapy, massage, conscious dance, bodywork, meditation, breath work, dance, emotional release and more.


In a session with me, you can expect to experience pleasure, healing, deep listening, love, understanding, complete acceptance of who you are and your desires.  We may use counselling, meditation, breathing techniques and massage and/or other forms of conscious touch and connection. I work completely intuitively, and sessions are always led by your intention and grounded in love.


For me, Tantra is the synergy of sex, heart and spirit. It’s about working with raw, sexual life force energy in a sacred and honouring way for pleasure, healing and wholeness. Tantra is about welcoming everything: so I create a safe holding space where you can bring all of yourself – your deepest desires, wishes, concerns, vulnerabilities, the awkward, the ordinary, the painful, the passionate, the shameful, the joyful, the playful, the curious. Embracing all aspects of who we are can be a portal to consciousness and even liberation.


When we bring our presence to anything it becomes sacred. And when we bring our presence to loving our sexuality it becomes a doorway to experiencing God and Goddess and oneness with all that is. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit out of your normal range of experience, we will always start where you are. You don’t have to, do or be anything other than open, heartful and willing and you will never have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


I believe that at essence each one of us is divine and lovable. There are times in everyone’s life when we need a companion or guide to accompany us. If you are ready, take my hand…


Call Clio on 07960 235 442


Temple Fire Tantra with Clio is for men and women who want to:

Learn about tantra and/or experience tantra.

Experience more pleasure and better sex.

Improve your skills in relating to and pleasuring the opposite sex.

Feel loved, seen, heard and respected without judgement or shaming.

Increase confidence, self-esteem and self-love.

Heal blocks to living the full range of your sexual and life experience.

Increase your level of life force energy for general and sexual well-being.

Manifest the things you want in your life.

Feel freer and more liberated.

And much more


These are general guidelines of the kind of sessions I offer: 

Talking therapy – counselling and coaching

Sexuality counselling & coaching

Relationship support

Sex education

Learning new skills – ejaculatory mastery including ejaculatory choice

Stress, anxiety and trauma calming techniques


Energy work

Emotional release to deal with anger, fear, grief

Movement and dance for personal and spiritual development

Breathing techniques for pleasure, connection and presence.



Sacred, sexual tantric massage for pleasure

Sacred spot ritual (including whole body massage) for sexual healing

Sexual Initiation – the first time

Teaching on: ejaculatory mastery including ejaculatory choice, how to have better sex, how to have whole body orgasms.

And much more


This list is not exhaustive, so please feel free to ask for what you want.



The Practicals


You can contact me by phone or email.

Before booking your first in-person session, we need to speak on the phone.

Please note I do not answer calls from withheld numbers or after 8pm. I will always return calls made after this time the following day if you leave a number.

First sessions are for your enjoyment and touch is one directional, from me to you unless otherwise agreed.

Before a Sacred Intimate session (a 2-way conscious sexuality exploration) at least one preliminary session is required.

Counselling & coaching sessions are available by skype. These sessions can be arranged by email.

I am based in the Cotswolds (12m from the M5). By special arrangement, I can travel to Stroud, Bristol, Cheltenham and Bath.


I welcome all of who you are, with tremendous love and know sometimes it can take real courage to pick up the phone and make that call. I answer all calls with love and respect.


Call Clio for an informal chat or to book a session on 07960 235 442 or for more information send an email to clio@templefiretantra.co.uk.



After being on my own for so many years, living in regret and disappointment, I was fortunate to encounter Dakini Clio and feel her blessed touch of love and acceptance. She reawakened me to my long-lost desire to be in intimacy with a woman again. I felt so safe with her and with tenderness and compassion, Clio’s touch returned me to my potential to live a richer, more intimate life that I had so long denied. The trust I felt from her went so far beyond the contemporary moment. It came from such a deep place in her that it evoked trust from a deep place in me and that was my healing”.