I have trained with one of the most renowned UK tantra schools ( for 8 years, and am a certified mindfulness coach trained with London Meditation. This work has been instrumental for my self-development and for working with psychological blocks, trauma and shame. I am now doing a doctorate in psychology and psychotherapy, specialising in treatment of psychological trauma, and how it manifests in relationships.


I currently offer one to one sessions in mindfulness and sexuality coaching and mindfulness based tantric bodywork. These provide a non-judgmental space in which you can relax and connect with a deeper place in yourself and come to a more complete sense of self. They can also help with healing shame and old childhood wounds, increase your self-confidence and can lead to greater clarity with questions or problems in relationships.


I offer a free phone consultation for up to 15 minutes for you to determine whether what I offer could be of help to you.


Sessions last for 1 to 2 hours for coaching and for a minimum of 2 hours for bodywork. Bodywork sessions are one-way touch only.


Please inquire via mobile: 07795 895 775

or email:


‘I’m looking forward to hearing from you.