Tantric Massage Bristol

I offer to hold you in a space of love, fully accepting all of you as you are right now. Through this great ecstasy and healing are possible.


In the session we will start by coming into a place of connection. I work very intuitively, feeling into what will create a state of relaxation and openness within you.


I then offer a sensual full body massage which can include lingam, yoni and rosebud massage if desired. I use a range of types of touch, creating a flowing dance and a deepening connection between our hearts. There is nowhere to get to in this massage, only an invitation to rest into deep state of connection with the other. Orgasmic bliss is a constant possibility in my sessions!


I offer you myself, my heart and to see you as beautiful!


What clients have said about my work:


“The warmth and sensitivity of your aura and touch was beyond measure and more than I could have expected. I am still feeling deep calm, compassion and beautifully loving in and outside.”


“I have nothing but positive things to say about my visit with Celestia. She provided an incredibly warm, and open environment. It exceeded all expectations.”


“Amazing experience of being in a warm bubble of ecstasy,highly recommended”

I have been on a seven-year journey of exploration into tantra, healing and conscious sexuality working with a range of teachers and my own deep journeying.


Contact me at dakinicelestia@gmail.com if you would like to book or find out more, I offer sessions from my Bristol studio.