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Tantra4Tigers: transforming through tantra


Cathryn offers a safe and respectful environment, with clear communication and boundaries, for you to creatively explore your sensual spiritual nature. For individuals and couples seeking an authentic tantric experience in London.


You want to know you are in a safe and professional pair of hands for your Tantra journey!

Cathryn is a member of ASIS – the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists. She is qualified to guide you having undertaken 4 year long Tantra programmes, plus an extended training in Bioenergetics, a western body orientated form of psychotherapy. Shamanic practice and Zen enquiry also underpin her work.

Clients often have a series of sessions with bespoke content according to their presenting themes. Here is a selection of current offerings, more details on her website:

  • A genuine tantric massage: purely for pleasure!
  • Tantric massage therapy: for when you have a problem or themes to explore
  • Tantric massage for couples: a safe experiential learning zone
  • *New* Skype self-pleasure course: awaken the pleasure in your own body, my most powerful course yet!
  • Prostate massage: for pleasure and healing
  • Awakening Eros: an erotic intelligence learning zone drawing on the latest relationship and sexuality teachings
  • Ultimate healing massage: for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal numbness, anorgasmia and other sexual difficulties

She is the founder of Tantra4Tigers, of the business name she says:

“Central to our destructiveness as a species is our tendency to see ourselves as separate to or ‘other’ than that which we destroy. Tantra unites, opening us to the unity beyond this and all other dualities. Tantra teaches this not as an abstract concept, but as a deeply embodied experience to be felt and lived.

A deep and meditative awareness of our senses can bring us into a direct realisation of the nature from which we were never separate anyway. We no longer SEE the existence of a tiger, but FEEL it with every fibre of our being!”

For more information:


Visit: www.tantra4tigers.com for a wealth of *free* original articles!


Email: info@tantra4tigers.com


Telephone: (+44) 0779 267 3021


And here is what some of her clients say:


I wanted to offer my gratitude for the work we did the week before. To say it has been transformative is an understatement! There has been a greater connection with my husband and it’s been amazing. Thank you for your wisdom and the wonderful way you have enabled this process.



[recently] I went on holiday with my Wife and family, during the two weeks away I was able to address many issues with my Partner, and now have been able to restore our relationship to include a healthy sex life. This of course, has greatly changed my outlook on day to day life…. I do feel the time spent during your sessions this year was very useful and beneficial for me as a person.

Julian: Aerospace engineer


It is now nearly 2 years since I started with you: at a simple level you have definitely improved radically my issues with erection and ejaculation. However, although I think this is important – even more important you have /are changing my whole thinking on sex and indeed to some extent life…

Alex: Non-executive Company Director


It was lovely to meet you and you gave us so much. Your relaxing and easy nature made it such a warm, relaxing and intimate experience – we both enjoyed the whole experience.

Cassandra and Dominic


Since the session I have felt full of well-being and energy and I also feel that I have taken the first step on an important journey towards a calmer and clear whole… your gentleness and openness worked wonders, you have shown me much, and I am keen to continue.

RB: Civil servant