tantric bodyworker Carmel

Bali and Spain offerings


Online Coaching Sessions ❤️

(15-minute free introductory session )



I invite you to connect deeply within yourself through transformational practises. I will support your journey in a safe container and deeply intimate space we create to allow this process to happen.

You will be guided into grounding practises and energy harnessing exercise through Chi gong and Daoist wisdom as a foundation. We will fully explore how this journey will best serve your wellbeing and personal journey.

I ask you to remain open to your own magical unfolding and undoing.



Somatic experiencing through Core holding❤️


The natural wisdom our body processes is supported fully through core holds and physical intimacy. These powerful sessions change and reset our relationship to touch and previous unintegrated memories in our body/mind to experiencing fulfilling future

relationship with ourselves and others.

During the sessions, it’s possible you may experience a connection to a memory from long ago. Your cells are able to access and release trauma manifesting as tensions and energetic blocks in the body.

Being held in core holds with a steady deepening breath allows the body to release energetically often flowing into vibrational waves or spontaneous sound.

The energy body is ecstatic it just needs to be liberated to experience true freedom


Beloveds Reconnection ❤️


Exercises to transform and remember deep connection and truth


With love Carmelle

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