Womb Blessings & Sacred Relating

Tantra techniques, Relationships, Spirituality

Reconnect to the sacred union, discovering our own divinity. Guidance, exercises and ritual from the tradition of Tantric Yoga, Exploring our relationship with god and goddess within ourselves. Releasing held traumas around issues with intimacy and the physical body as a vehicle to spiritual awakening. A safe held space to explore and open up, including visualisations, breathwork and bodywork invoking the sacred sensual aspects of our highest selves. This therapeutic work does not involve direct sexual contact, in the context of sessions Bliss facilitates.

  • Sacred Bodywork
  • Sacred Ritual
  • Ritual Yoga Sessions
  • Meditation and Tantra
  • Healing Sexual Trauma
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Womb and Hara Wisdom


Sacred Union teaching for couples and single people, of all orientations and genders, honouring the Divine Masculine and Feminine. I offer workshops and rituals for deepening connection in relationships, with the divine in ourselves and others. Group process experiential meet-ups and one on one or couples work. The energies of shamanic journey, breath-work and touch, yoga and tantric tradition, Gnosticism and the divine archetypes of masculine and feminine all combine in this work. Offering my life in service to birth the new paradigm, to bless honour and love all those I encounter on this journey into wholeness within sacred union. I have studied the global traditions of esoteric spirituality since early childhood, raised in a priestess lineage by my mother, an initiate of the Temple of Isis. I began my study of yoga aged 8, began my career as a holistic practitioner and energy worker in 1999, and deepened into the awareness of tantric philosophy in both Hindu and Buddhist lineages, in addition to Neo-tantra in 2001. I am primarily inspired by the writings of Osho and Margaret Anand which carry through into my work. For the past half-decade I have been a student of Anaiya Sophia, and obtained full qualification as a Sacred Sexual Union Facilitator in January 2016. For the past two years I have opened into boundaries work, tantric and sensual massage, and conscious kink under the supervision of Sidtsara. The sessions I offer range from traditional tantra, to expansive consciousness raising meditation.  I am based in the Cotswolds, United Kingdom.


UK Mobile 07402852136