tantric massage Manchester

Pleasure is your fundamental birthright.

As a tantra teacher, Annabel’s wish is for you to feel fully embodied and empowered in your pleasure, in every area of your life, including your sexual expression. This work will help you to connect with and flow with your sexual energy and life force, to reconnect with and remember your natural innocence, however near or far you may feel from that right now.  It also connects you with a deep sense of acceptance, for with anything we wish to change in our lives, acceptance of ‘what is’ must come first. And from this acceptance can come grace, transformation and true presence in the moment…and that’s the tantric journey, the royal path…

As well as working on the teaching team with Shakti Tantra (www.shaktitantra.co.uk) on the Women’s and Mixed residential programmes,Tantric massage Manchester Annabel’s Manchester practice includes one-to-one sessions and group workshops.

Her private tantra-temple in South Manchester is for both women and men who want to explore and expand their sexual awareness.  Annabel works with clients over a number of tailor-made sessions, using many different techniques and skills, that help them remember who they really are, and discover more about how they want to fully live their lives.

  • Massage/body-work– Tantric and Daoist techniques that help your body re-wire into pleasure and relaxation
  • Breath/meditation techniques– helping you to drop out of your chattering head, and instead be more in the moment and in your body
  • Clear communication– to deepen intimacy, understand choices, and communicate heartfully and honestly.
  • Tantric ritual– developing an understanding of its role to expand your connection with your sexuality, both for yourself and with a beloved
  • Support to help you to let go of and heal that which keeps you from pleasure– inc. negative body image, trauma release (including Yoni and Vajra healings), performance and intimacy anxiety, lack of experience and confidence, sexual shyness
  • Learning more about sexual pleasure– including self-pleasure techniques, understanding sexual anatomy (both yours and others), and expanding your sexual vocabulary of healthy choices that delight you…

Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, and often three or four hours.

We will need to have a free 15-minute phone consultation. After that, you’ll need to pay a deposit and then you’re rolling to your first session!

Annabel has spent many years studying and working in the fields of Tantra and sacred sexuality (since 2005), shamanic dance and ritual (since 1999), massage, healing, conflict resolution (AVP Britain), mindfulness meditation, community Arts, the media and as a birth doula.

Please drop Annabel an email on tantrabella@rocketmail.com and give her a summary of why you’ve got in touch and what you hope to get out of working with her or call 07805 430858. (Please note – no withheld numbers)

For more information please see Annabel’s website – www.thenewfieldnest.com


“I was seeking a way back to myself and put my trust in Annabel. I was rewarded with beauty, love and insight as Annabel gently, generously and skillfully enabled me to reconnect with my own inner fire.”  – Alison – late 50’s

“Bella has helped me rebuild my confidence and reawaken the previously hidden and disowned parts of me… she has helped me simply transform my life.”  – Clyde – 55

“Annabel has a fun yet very grounding energy which allowed me to relax completely into the work of removing the emotional blockages that I was holding onto… She possesses such knowledge, compassion and integrity within the work she does.”  – Louise – 32

“Within just a couple of sessions, Bella’s skilful guidance and practices began to unlock the body and soul that had been pushed away. Bella holds a very safe space for her clients and works intuitively with your energy to gently guide and encourage you to find and experience your inner self, explore and develop your sexual energy, and understand the value of connection.” – Paul – 53

“There was something that felt so ancient about a woman in service to healing another woman so intimately, a sense of knowing and resonance as if this was a practice so natural that our bones and heart remember.”  – Heidi – 42