I’m Barbora, a 31 years old cosmopolitan – born in Prague, lived in Mozabique, Norway, Denmark and now in London.

Tantra is not my job, it is my life choice. I’m not a teacher who will somehow fix you and tell you what to do. I’m here merely to be your guide as you strive to reach awareness and freedom in your life; as you strive to reawaken the life force within you and become the master of your life.

Through social work, I have been working with people since I was 20. Nowadays, I work with education using Tantra, body work, systemic therapeutic thinking, sex-coaching and yoga.

I have been working with Tantra, sexuality, therapy, psychology and meditation through different techniques, exercises and seminars and I believe I have a lot to share. For several years, I have been fortunate to work with Dynamic Tantra, tantric massage, yoni-lingam touch (regain contact) and sex-fullness seminars in the Mahamudra Institute in Denmark.

During this time, I have been inviting women, men and couples to Tantric meetings, massage sessions and sex-pleasure coaching.

I have also been leading tantric evenings for couples and groups who are interested in exploring their sexuality, relationships and personal development.

For further info or to make a booking, please contact me at………

07704 903 787