Tantric massage London

33 years old cosmopolitan – born in Prague, lived in Mozambique, Norway, Denmark and now in London, I am based in Southwark 6 min from Elephant and Castle.


Tantra is not my job, it is my life choice. Through social work, I have been working with people since I was 20 years old. I have been working with Tantra for 7 years now and nowadays I work also with Psychosexual somatic Therapy to help people who struggle with sexual and intimacy issues because of some trauma in their life. Tantra is more for those who want to explore about their sexual life and connection to their pleasure body.

During my 7 years tantric practice I have been inviting woman, men and couples to Tantric therapy, massage sessions and sex-pleasure coaching. I have also been leading tantric evenings for couples and groups who are interested in exploring their sexual and intimate life, relationships and personal development.

My Tantra is about empowering Consciousness. It stimulates you physically, emotionally and sexually to reboot your overall well-being.

Breathe and let go of control while these senses empower your mind and body.

Tantric approach of honouring life and sexual energy within yourself can liberate you. It gives an opportunity to understand you by activating connection between the brain and body to let your energy flow and bee felt with. It tends to bring intense feelings of positive emotions during its practice. Tantra adds dimensions of spiritual love to one”s psyche. It can be practised alone or with a partner. I offer sessions for woman and men, for couples and for groups.

Do you recognise yourself in any of these thoughts?

  • I”m stressed or frustrated and I am looking to regain energy in my body
  • I feel like I”ve lost connection with my emotions and sexuality and I want to do something for myself to change it
  • I am having problems in my intimate and sexual life and I am looking for help
  • I don’t feel anything during sex or it is even painful
  • I am after heavy cure, operation, cancer and look for to re-connect to my body and pleasure again
  • We would like to discover new levels of pleasure and bliss with my partner
  • We are seeking help with my partner to reconnect and improve our intimacy and sexual life

In that case, you have come to the right place.

I offer you safe space for your self-exploration, where you can improve how you relate to your body, energy, sexuality and emotions and transfer your life through opening to consciousness and enjoy flow of sexual energy within you.

Please be aware, my Tantra is not hidden erotic massage and not any erotic service.

For further info please look at my website    http://tantric-journey.co.uk

or to make a booking, please contact me at

07704 903 787