Tantric massage Brighton


A one-to-one session with me is an invitation to dance with the Goddess!


I am a full-time Tantra Teacher and Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach based in Brighton and I offer one-to-one Tantric Massage and Intimacy Coaching for men. I am passionate about this work and how life-changing it is for you and for me!tantra massage Brighton

In these sessions I invite you to begin to step into your deepest sense of presence and awareness through delicious Tantric bodywork. Through this connection I will gently and lovingly show you how to discover sensations of depth and vibration in your body that will astonish you!

With me, you can discover how to:

  • Use your own breath to experience full-body expansive orgasmic states
  • Explore your orgasm and learn how to choose to ejaculate or not
  • Let go of constantly seeking and searching and discover the deliciously attractive Power of Presence
  • Improve your sexual confidence by releasing fears and judgements about your sexual nature and sexual desires
  • Learn how to play with Feminine Fire and love it!
  • Deepen your Presence and Self-awareness (which will make you more attractive and desirable)
  • Become an expressive, passionate and confident man and lover
  • Express your needs and desires without any expectation of having them met
  • S-l-o-w….d-o-w-n…. and immerse yourself into each and every moment
  • Give yourself permission to be a sexual being & not need to do anything about it, just BE
  • Love your Lust and Lust after your LOVE!
  • ..and much MUCH MORE!


Ideally, you are looking to go on a journey of discovery with me, as I love to be able to show you how to dive deeply into your potential, so experiencing several sessions definitely offers you a much deeper experience and so many more opportunities for ecstasy.

And, every journey starts with one step, so even if you think that just one session is all you want right now, then that’s also an excellent move!

I use a variety of different techniques drawn from many disciplines, including Tantra, Sacred Sexual Healing, Daoist & Tantra Breathing, Sexological Bodywork and Conscious Touch. I will help you learn how to relax into your body and achieve a deeper sense of aliveness and deliciousness.


The sessions usually last three hours and can take a number of different forms, depending on what aspects of yourself you wish to work with. Most sessions are based around a full Tantric Massage session where you will be invited to really relax and RECEIVE conscious and loving, intimate body touch. We always discuss clear boundaries at the start of each session in order to create trust and safety for both of us and for you to explore yourself fully and in bliss.


Your first session will always be preceded by a phone call with me to answer any of your questions and so that I can get a deeper feeling for what you are looking for.


Please be aware that although you and I are working with sexuality and your arousal,  you will not be invited to touch me at any time; your job is to simply receive! I am not offering a sex service, and in fact, clients regularly tell me that this is a better experience than sex, because you discover how to play with your sexual energy and experience it throughout your whole body, not just the genitals. These delicious sensations leave you feeling so much more alive and full of energy and can last for days afterwards!



If you want to know more please find me here:



and please be sure to read “Tantric Massage Sessions with Ash

To ask questions (I know you have many!), or to book a session with me, please email me  (ash@syandash.co.uk) and I will get back to you as soon as possible, but please read “Tantric Massage Sessions with Ash” first.


Three hours of Deep & Delicious One-to-One session with Ash – £295

Special discounts are available when you book & pay for 3 or more sessions.


I am based in the centre of Brighton, with free parking or a very short train ride from Brighton central.




If you want to experience just one of these sessions is incredible, however there is so much more to discover and play with…..

quality of aliveness and joy