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What holds you back, as a woman, from fully experiencing the full blissful pleasure you are capable of, during intimacy with a man? This is the focus of my healing work.

What I offer is very simple. First, I provide a “safe space” where your boundaries are fully respected. Second, I provide my total masculine presence, throughout. Third, I provide loving, conscious, sensual touch. This simple combination has profound healing power.

Here are some of the specific issues that clients have come with. Some you may resonate with.

  • Do deeply held, sub-conscious beliefs hold you back from opening fully to intimacy – beliefs about you, about men, about life?
  • In intimate situations, have you got used to turning to alcohol or drugs, in order to “get in the mood”?
  • What is the effect on you of strong masculine energy? Deep down, do you fear it, or can you let it in fully and totally delight in it?
  • A state of ease or a state of tension. What is your default state? As you move towards intimacy, are you able to drop down easily into a state of ease?
  • Do you feel responsible for his emotional reactions? Do you tend to focus during intimacy on “taking care of the man,” making sure he is OK?
  • If a man asks you “what do you want right now?” – do you go blank?
  • “If it tell him I prefer it slower, or softer, or whatever, he will take offence, and I will lose him altogether.”
  • Many women have, at some time in their lives, experienced lovemaking that was unwelcome or painful, or both. This typically results in a loss of sensation – numbness or dullness – sometimes localised, sometimes not. And it can last for years, even decades. Is this limiting your capacity for blissful pleasure?
  • During lovemaking, do you tend to be thinking ahead to your climax, or are you able to stay present?
  • Do you worry that, if you don’t climax, he will react adversely?
  • After intimacy, do you suffer bouts of shame or guilt?

Each session starts and ends with periods of dialogue. Sometimes, I might suggest exercises for you to do at home, to support your progress. Step by step, what holds you back from blissful pleasure, the “barriers” to your pleasure, are able to surface. As they emerge, these barriers can be dealt with, and their impact on you eased. We work with whatever comes up. Here are some of the directions of exploration that I have been able to help clients with.

  • Feeling more by slowing down.
  • How resentment and ill will can block intimacy.
  • Becoming aware of when fantasising takes you away from being fully present.
  • The difference between being passive, and being in a state of natural feminine receptivity.
  • Father energy” vs. “lover energy.” – keeping them fully separate. The dangers in looking to a lover to provide “father energy.” Allowing yourself to fully experience and enjoy the “father energy” you yearned for growing up, but may not have experienced fully.
  • Involuntary shaking and convulsions during intimacy. What’s going on?
  • During intimacy, does your pelvis remain relatively static? Or can you experience fully the natural sensual undulating movement of your pelvis?
  • The pro’s and con’s of using a vibrator.
  • Shifting the focus from chasing a short-lived climax. Instead focussing on spending extended time in a blissful orgasmic state.

As I work with a client, depending on her needs, I will bring in specific techniques, some that I have developed myself, and some that I have learned over the years, from other healers, therapists and teachers. For example:

  • The three keys to a fuller enjoyment of receiving touch.
  • An exercise aimed at helping you get better at asking for what you want.
  • Deep tissue massage – softening old held tensions.
  • A shaking exercise, to help the body come into a state of ease.
  • Latihan, another technique for helping the body move into a state of ease.
  • “The Truth Process,” and how, over time, it reduces the power of limiting beliefs.
  • How to lodge positive affirmations into your body.
  • A simple technique for letting go of resentment.
  • “Holding and presence,” a technique for easing localised pain or numbness.

In addition, during later sessions, as the initial “barriers” ease, the client may want to learn more, to build her confidence and knowledge around intimacy. For example:

  • “The yearning for love is a surer way to the Divine than love itself” [Ibn El-Arabi] – the difference between “yearning” and “missing.”
  • Lovemaking as a “celebration” – a celebration of you; a celebration of him; a celebration of what you are capable of creating together. How can you make it the richest celebration possible?
  • During intimacy – eyes open, or eyes closed?
  • Your gift to a man of “I want … I really enjoy….. I actually don’t much enjoy….. Thank you, but I really don’t want…..”
  • As you drop down, tuning in to unexplored erogenous zones you didn’t know you had.
  • The three different levels of a woman’s climax – and how to move beyond the speeding-up, tensing-up clitoris-only type of climax you might have got used to.
  • What you need to understand about why a man’s erection comes and goes – and what is your role in this?

I have been deeply involved in personal development and healing work for over twenty years. Over the past five years, my focus has been primarily on sexuality and relationships. Below are some testimonials from recent clients. See what profound changes in women’s lives can come from this work.

Having experienced Andrew’s work, I can highly recommend it to women who would like an experience of being held in masculine presence to explore their sexuality. My experience of the session was a feeling of being held, safely so that I could let go as much as I wanted to. There was no pressure on me to do or be anything – but there was a clear invitation to set an intention for the session to give it its focus. Andrew’s role was always clear and he remained very present and caring throughout. His touch was skilled and assured and his interventions were both re-assuring and inviting. The ambience and space that he created felt sacred and congruent with his presence and being throughout – and both the way he set up the session initially and followed up afterwards were caring and professional. I can highly recommend this sacred healing work.”

                                    Jan Day, Workshop Facilitator and Counsellor

“My partner and I made love – yes, it actually happened. I felt really present, and was able to ask for what I wanted – I actually knew what I wanted this time. I was in my body enjoying sex, and I realised how much I had had sex for the man before, not for me. From my heart, thank you.”                                            

                                    D.C., Bath

 Last year with this man, who I truly believe to have a special power to open gateways and also an incredible ability to be like a container for growth, was about my self-realisation as a sensual, sexual woman. This process made my life so rich on so many levels; my intimate relationship to myself and my lover – ha! I never thought I could have so much pleasure and fun.. I never thought I could trust like this! I never imagined I could be so honest! I am happier, healthier and more of myself! “

                                    Monika, Nottingham

 My experience with Andrew has ranged from a reawakened and simple delight in my true sexual nature to moments of deep catharsis, where long-buried traumas have been brought to the surface for release. On this journey, I have been consistently met, heard and understood by his unwavering presence. Andrew works with integrity and depth. I shall be eternally grateful to him for the many ways and tools he has shared, that have contributed to a deeper level of self-love, and a pure pleasure in being a beautiful sexual woman.”            

                                    A.B., London

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 I make no charge for this initial session, which is a talk-only session, lasting around 60-90 minutes. I take you through a comprehensive checklist, covering all the various aspects of your history, and your life, that might be relevant to our work together. At the end of that session, we agree on an initial focus for the healing sessions to follow.

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