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what I offer is healing touch.  It has some similarities to conventional massage.  Not that it feels like a conventional massage; it does not.  But there are parallels.  Sometimes, you fix an appointment with a massage practitioner, even when there is nothing specific “wrong with you.”  You just want to experience the benefits.

A session with me is similar.  You are likely to experience that same magical combination.  However, your pleasure is likely to be greatly heightened by the addition of sexual arousal.  My clients report powerful states of bliss; and also a health and nurturing impact that stays with them.

Now, of course, sometimes, when you fix to see a massage practitioner, you may want a specific issue to be worked on, such as tension held in a particular part of your body.  Similarly with me.  More often than not, a woman brings to me a sense of something holding her back from fully expressing herself sexually with a partner; or from fully enjoying the experience of intimacy.

What holds her back may be emotional.  For instance, as soon as a man touches her, this immediately brings back old painful memories.  Her body tightens and braces against his touch.  Or what holds her back may be physical, for instance a dullness or sharp localised pain inside her Yoni [Vagina], typically the result of past unwelcome penetrations.  Maybe she said “yes,” just to hold onto the man, when actually her body was saying “no.”

What I offer is very simple.  First, I provide a safe space; where nothing is expected, and there is nothing you have to do.  There is no destination you have to reach, and your boundaries are fully respected.  You go at a pace that is comfortable for you.  Second, I provide my total masculine presence to you, throughout the session.  And third, I provide conscious, loving, sensual touch.

The initial exploratory session is a talk-only session, lasting about one and a half hours.  There is no charge.  I go through a comprehensive checklist of all the aspects that could affect how you respond to the touch of a man.  At the end of that session, we either agree to set up the first hands-on session, or we agree that this approach appears not to be appropriate in your case.  If you bring a specific issue to me, we agree ahead how this will be addressed.  Also, I might suggest specific exercises for you to do at home, to help prepare you for the hands-on sessions.  Subsequent sessions tend to last two to three hours.

Do phone me on 07748 178197, if you would like to discuss this.  Or phone or email me [], to set up a free initial talk-only exploratory session.


Having experienced Andrew’s work, I can highly recommend it to women who would like an experience of being held in masculine presence to explore their sexuality. My experience of the session was a feeling of being held, safely so that I could let go as much as I wanted to. There was no pressure on me to do or be anything – but there was a clear invitation to set an intention for the session to give it its focus. Andrew’s role was always clear and he remained very present and caring throughout. His touch was skilled and assured and his interventions were both re-assuring and inviting. The ambiance and space that he created felt sacred and congruent with his presence and being throughout – and both the way he set up the session initially and followed up afterwards were caring and professional. I can highly recommend this sacred healing work.” 

                        [Jan Day, Workshop Facilitator and Counsellor]

 “My partner and I made love – yes, it actually happened. I felt really present, and was able to ask for what I wanted – I actually knew what I wanted this time.  I was in my body enjoying sex, and I realised how much I had had sex for the man before, not for me.  From my heart, thank you.”                        

                        [D.C., Bath]

 Last year with this man, who I truly believe have a special power to open gateways and incredible ability to be like a container for growth, was about my self-realisation as a sensual, sexual woman.  This process made my life so rich on so many levels; my intimate relationship to myself and my lover  – ha!  I never thought I could have so much pleasure and fun.. I never thought I could trust like this!  I never imagined I could be so honest!  I am happier, healthier and more of myself! “

                        [Monika, Nottingham]

 Extraordinary …. amazing …. and normal – that I managed to follow my body, without my mind getting in the way.  The simplicity of it!  My body knows.”

                        [B.E., Bristol]

 I was so nervous, but Andrew was very calming and reassuring, he was very professional and seemed to normalise the experience, so I felt that it was ok rather than shameful. He has been gracious and considerate and I feel he has a certain strength and presence.”    

                        [C.P., London]

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